Tableau Pulse reimagines Analytics

Tableau Pulse променя анализите на данни

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its capabilities are no stranger to the world of business analytics. Smart technologies – such as Ask Data and Explain Data of the leading BI platform Tableau – have been supporting analytics in recent years. They were recently joined by Tableau’s newest AI-based product – Tableau Pulse.

Tableau Pulse as a reimagined data experience

Built specifically with the needs of business users in mind, Tableau Pulse is on a mission to give everyone access to the data that matters the most and impacts their daily work. The system not only provides a single source of reliable information, but also allows the definition of key metrics (KPI), which are subsequently available to all users and teams in the organization.

This not only saves analysts time, but also allows each user to personalize what data and parameters they see according to their personal preferences and needs. By relying on Tableau Pulse, users are able to capture critical data at a glance without having to filter through tables, visualizations, or dashboards.

AI in action

However, Tableau Pulse is far from just a convenient portal for presenting information. Aided by AI technologies, the system enables users to dig deeper into data and discover underlying trends by simply asking. Based on the data, Tableau Pulse’s smart algorithms can provide explanations for the current state of data, occurring deviations, and more. The system also suggests questions that users might want to ask in order to analyze the data in depth.

Tableau Pulse automatically detects data changes and deviations, generates insights and alerts users in their most convenient communication channels.

Data, wherever you need it

Tableau Pulse naturally fits into the modern way of working. The system is able to provide alerts and information in the form of emails or notifications, and its close integration with the Slack platform facilitates teamwork and makes the sharing of data and insights possible with just a few clicks.

Tableau Pulse redefines analytics by putting emphasize on quality, understandability and availability of data at the right moment and eliminating information overload. The system balances data availability and security and allows all users, even those without analytical background, to understand the “what” and “why” of data and base their decisions on a trusted foundation.

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