22 years a reliable partner to the businesses

Who are we

Expertise, professionalism and 100% customer satisfaction

We are Team VISION Bulgaria – team of experts with a vision how should a successful business operate in today’s digital world.

Following that vision, we were the first in Bulgaria to start implementing the leading ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV (NAVISION) back in 1999. Since then, we constantly continue to expand our expertise and our portfolio of integrated ERP, CRM and Business intelligence solutions, vital for successfully managing your business on a complicated and highly competitive market.

Our mission is to be a reliable and long-term partner, encouraging and assisting the success of our customers through the integrated business solutions we provide.

We stand next to our customers every step of their way towards digital transformation and we pride ourselves with the success they achieve.

We make no compromises with the quality of our work. Our clients satisfaction is the best referral of the professionalism, enthusiasm and full dedication with which we handle every project.


You have a vision for your business. We help turn that vision into a reality!

Our principles:

In our work we strive to:


Meet the specific needs of the client and comply with the best practices in its field of work.


Guarantee the highest performance levels of our services with a personal and innovative approach, professionalism and effective communication.


Apply clear and effective procedures and methodology.


Abide by strict rules of confidentiality regarding the clients’ corporate information (according to the requirements of standard ISO 27001:2013)


Maintain long-term relationship with the client, provide high quality support and additional services and solutions.


Make our employees training and qualification our top priority.


Maintain successful partnership with leading companies in various sectors in order to provide even better and complete customer service.

Our story

Team VISION Bulgaria – looking back at 20 years of success

Team VISION Bulgaria was established as the first Navision Solution Center in Bulgaria and introduced Navision – a leading ERP system.

A total of nine versions of the ERP solution were localized, including full translation and setup according to the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation and accounting standards

The company was ISO 9001:2000 certified for high quality of the processes related to the development and implementation of software solutions. In 2010, the certification was renewed according to the revised standard ISO 9001:2008.

Team VISION Bulgaria became Microsoft Gold Certified Partner – the highest accreditation in the partner network.

According to the new Microsoft accreditation, Team Vision Bulgaria earned Gold Enterprise Resource Planning competency for implementation and development of solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics and Silver Data Platform competency for expertise in database management.

Team Vision Bulgaria became partner of the most innovative and visionary BI company – Tableau Software. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also added to the company portfolio.

Team Vision Bulgaria was chosen to be one of the launching partners of Microsoft, assigned with the Bulgarian localization of the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. The localization was completed and certified the same year.

Team VISION Bulgaria successfully implemented the ISO 27001:2005 standard for information security management and the ISO 20000-1:2011 standard for service management.

The ISO certificates for Quality management and Information security were successfully revised towards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013.

Team VISION Bulgaria, in partnership with Tableau, held the first ever in Bulgaria Tableau Experience Day conference, which gathered over 120 representatives of various business sectors in Bulgaria.

The marketing automation solution ClickDimensions further expanded the company portfolio.

Team VISION Bulgaria celebrated its 20th anniversary together with our clients, partners, colleagues and friends.

The Team

Talented professionals with a passion for quality and a vision of how successful business should work in the modern world

Our team consists of talented professionals, shearing the passion for innovation, delivering exceptional quality in their work and a vision how a successful business should function in today’s world.

In the dynamic world of IT solutions, we are constantly investing in improving and expanding of our employees’ skills and qualification. External and internal trainings ensure us being always up-to-date with the newest technologies. Multiple certifications for Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SQL Server, System Administration and many more are the formal confirmation of our expertise

We make no compromises with the quality of our work. Our clients’ satisfaction is the best referral for the professionalism, enthusiasm and full dedication with which we handle every project.

Join the TEAM

We are always open to new professionals who would like to join our team.

Microsoft Gold ERP Competency
Microsoft Silver Data Platform Competency

Due to the steady growth of Microsoft partner network, the company has taken the decision to create a new and more sophisticated structure, which better reflects the expertise of the partners regarding the software solutions they offer. In 2010 Microsoft implemented the so-called competencies. Each of them targets a specific product line and the accompanying services.

The main requirements for achieving a competency are certified by Microsoft professionals, licensed in compliance to the Microsoft methodology specialists and official customer references.

With the mere start of the program, Team VISION Bulgaria achieved its Gold Enterprise Resource Planning competency for implementation and development of ERP solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics and Silver Data Platform competency for its expertise in the field of database management systems.

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management

One of the primary advantages of Team VISION Bulgaria is our quality of work, which results in us having a 100% customer satisfaction. To be able to guarantee and improve this quality back in 2001 the company implemented the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard, which was revised to ISO 9001:2008 nine years later and again to ISO 9001:2015 in the year 2016.
The quality management system reflects Team Vision’s internal rules of work. Each of our employees works in accordance with its regulations, which guarantees the high quality of the finished product. Thanks to the quality management system, we are able to predict the results of our work, to optimize our processes and to maintain our corporate image.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – Informational security

Our relationship with our clients often includes gaining access to and handling of sensitive company information which requires following of strict confidentiality rules.

As an additional prerequisite for the proper and adequate protection of the company data in 2013 Team VISION Bulgaria implemented an informational security management system in compliance with ISO 27001:2005 standards, which was later revised to ISO 27001:2013. Our employees are obliged to work according to the standard’s regulations and to maintain high level of confidentiality.

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 – IT services management

The quality and effective services are major prerequisite to providing reliable solutions and gaining customer satisfaction. To protect and guarantee the management of the provided services in 2013 Team VISION Bulgaria implemented the ISO 20000-1:2011 standard, which refers to the fast developing services in the field of the information technologies.

Thanks to this standard, we are able to constantly improve our services and guarantee higher level of customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation е най-големият софтуерен разработчик в света (измерено спрямо приходите).

Microsoft Business Solutions дивизията e формирана през 2001 г. с придобиването на първата за Microsoft ERP система Great Plains. В следващата година към него са добавени и най-разпространените в България ERP решения Navision и Axapta. Microsoft CRM е собствена разработка на компанията, чиято първа версия е реализирана през 2003 г. През 2005 г. MBS е ребрандирана под името Microsoft Dynamics, а продуктите получават името Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX и Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Решенията на Microsoft Dynamics се разпространяват чрез партньорска мрежа от квалифицирани внедрители, покрили изискванията и сертифицирани от Microsoft за конкретния продукт.

Tableau Software

Tableau Software е американска софтуерна компания, разработваща интерактивни продукти за бизнес анализи. Започва развитието си като проект на Катедрата по компютърни науки на Станфордския университет, а през 2003 г. е основана и самата компания Tableau Software.

Основният продукт на компанията е Tableau – съвременно Business Intelligence решение, което позволява на служителите сами да проучват и анализират данни само чрез drag-and-drop. Продуктът печели много награди, включително “Най-добър във визуализация на данни”, „Най-добър в анализ на данни за 2005 г.”, и “Най-добро BI решение за 2008 г.”

През 2013 г. Tableau Software е оценена като „Лидер“ в магическия квадрант за BI на Gartner и от тогава неизменно присъства там.

Jet Reports

Jet Reports е международна компания, основана през 2002 г. с централен офис в Портланд, САЩ и регионални офиси в 14 региона в света.

Компанията предлага гъвкави и лесни за употреба решения за репортинг и бизнес анализи, използвани от над 150 000 потребители в света.


NETRONIC е немска софтуерна компания с над 35-годишен опит и експертиза в разработването на технологии за създаване на Гантови графици.

Нейната мисия е да осигури на малките и средни компании възможността гъвкаво да управляват производството, проекти и сервизни дейности с помощта на интерактивни визуални графици.


ClickDimensions е водещо решение за маркетингова автоматизация, разработено специално за Microsoft Dynamics 365. От създаването си през 2010 г. компанията насочва усилията си към това да осигури всички необходими инструменти, с които маркетинг специалистите да комуникират пълноценно с потенциални и реални клиенти, да провеждат ефективни маркетингови компании, водещи до повече реализирани продажби.

11235 Ltd.

11235 Ltd. е консултантска компания специализирана в областта на анализите на клиентски данни (аналитичен CRM), разработване на скоринг и други математични модели. 11235 Ltd. предлага широка гама консултантски услуги и проверени решения в области като програми за лоялност, измерване ефективността на маркетингови активности, изследване удовлетвореността на клиенти, сегментация, рентабилност на продукти, модели за напускащи клиенти (Churn Prediction), прогнози на времеви редове и много други в областта на анализа и статистиката.

С опита и знанието си, и чрез прилагане на доказани и иновативни аналитични практики, 11235 Ltd. помага на клиентите си да повишат ефективността на своите маркетингови кампании, да развиват своята клиентска база, увеличат печалбата си и в крайна сметка, да постигнат устойчиво конкурентно предимство.

ERP Academy

ERP Academy е първата по рода си организация у нас, посветена на обучаването на кадри в сегмента на бизнес софтуера. Академията е създадена от водещи български ERP компании.

Сред досегашните активности на организацията са първата по рода си в България магистърска програма „Бизнес анализи и ERP системи“, създадена съвместно с Висшето Училище по Застраховане и Финанси (ВУЗФ), както и поредица от курсове в сферата на ERP, CRM, BI и други свързани с тях теми, също в партньорство с ВУЗФ. Целите на организацията са: популяризиране на кариерни възможности в сферата на бизнес софтуера, както и създаване на научна база, учебни материали по темата и осигуряване на възможността за придобиване на научна степен в сектора. ERP Academy е насочена както към създаването на възможности за завършване на висше образование в сферата на бизнес софтуера, така и към други обучителни форми, подходящи за ръководни кадри в различни типове организации, мениджъри на проекти, ИТ мениджъри, както и широк спектър от ИТ специалисти, желаещи да разширят своите познания.