Mechanical Engineering

Manage precisely the entire production process – from first customer contact, through design, production and warehouse, to post-sales service.
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When your customers demand more flexibility, maintaining control over the entire workflow is crucial.

Production management must balance between adaptability and profitability. If the production process is divided into too many parts, it can easily stops working as a whole. If design is made in a separate CAD system, not related to the ERP, any changes will not be consistent with the specified operating conditions. All of this complicates the optimization of the processes.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides an opportunity to design and manufacture different products and their variants.

How will our solutions and services help you optimize your business?

  • Achieve full traceability – complete change management and versioning of production specifications and routes. You can track your products by batch or serial number from manufacturer to end customer
  • At any given moment relay on correct information on the production specification, achieved through integration with the CAD system
  • Manage the overall process from design to manufacturing and delivery of the finished products
  • Relay on accurate and comprehensive production cost information

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