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Database Optimization

We help you maintain the performance of your databases always at the optimal level
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In their daily work the users of an integrated business management solution need permanent and fast data access, as well as the ability to generate reports in a flash

When using a database for a long time, the information in it grows in volume, which inevitably causes delays in operations.

Maintaining the productivity and the database performance is a challenging task as there are many components that may affect its operation. If a problem occurs, it is vital to immediately find what caused it, before it starts reflecting negatively on the work of the users.

Our experienced IT experts will help you maintain the health and productivity of your databases:

  • Planning and sizing of hardware resources, needed for optimal system work
  • SQL server audit and good case practices. This service includes inspection of 4 components: hardware, operational system, SQL server and program code
  • Preparing a plan for regular support and optimization of the databases, indexes and statistics

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