Food Industry

Optimize logistics, accurately manage orders, warehouses, fleet and all other aspects of your business in a single software solution
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Turn your industry challenges into competitive advantages

The food industry is a highly competitive market where new technologies and innovations constantly change the way this business works and reaches consumers. For companies in this industry is essential to be flexible and to keep pace with consumer demands.

Our vertical solution, based on the leading ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is the ideal solution to help improve their efficiency, profitability, and stimulate business growth.

The flexibility and functionality of the solution allow it to adapt to specific business processes and to answer customer and regulatory requirements in an affordable way. It is suitable for all types of companies in the food and beverage industry – from fresh food producers, to bakery and confectionery, wholesalers, retailers and supermarkets.

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How will our solutions and services help you optimize your business?

Full traceability

Easily track batches, quality and expiration dates and manage the cost of your production

Reliable information

Rely on comprehensive information regarding the status of your business in real time

Planning and management

Precisely manage production, supplies, inventory, fixed assets, payables and receivables

Flexibility and efficiency

Maintain high level of flexibility and quickly respond to market opportunities and threats

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