Business Software Implementation


Increase the efficiency of your business management solution and streamline your company processes.
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Don’t let your business management solution be a burden to your business

If not implemented or maintained properly, management software can become a barrier to the optimal functioning of the company.

Стъпвайки на дългогодишния си опит, ние помагаме на организациите да идентифицират проблемите на внедрената при тях система за бизнес мениджмънт и им предлагаме подходящи начини цялостно да подобрят работата с нея.

In order to be of maximum use to our clients, our team of experts conducts independent audits and interviews with key users in each functional area.

The audit of the implemented ERP and CRM systems provides answers to questions like:


  • Is the implemented solution fully used?
  • Is there a way to optimize the implemented process?
  • Is there a need of implementation of new functionalities according to the current needs?

Optimize the effectiveness of your investment

Our certified consultants and developers with years of experience and extensive expertise will inspect the implemented solution and give you recommendations on how to optimize it.

Analysis of the current implementation:

  • Interviews with key users in functional areas
  • Exploration of the implemented system’s documentation
  • Audit of realized developments

Identifying the problems and preparing recommendations:

  • Report based on the conducted analysis and systematization of identified problems
  • Recommendations to eliminate the problems
  • Recommendations for process optimization

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