Business Software Implementation

Support for business management solutions

Our commitment goes beyond the implementation process. We are dedicated to providing reliable long-term support of the implemented solutions and stand by your side at any time during the system operation

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You can rely on our timely assistance and adequate help during the entire support period of your ERP, CRM and BI solution

  • Help Desk Support: Providing expert assistance and guidance to users working with the ERP system
  • Debugging and System Fixing: Identifying and resolving issues related to functionality and system settings to ensure smooth operation
  • System Optimization: Enhancing the performance and efficiency of a previously implemented ERP system
  • Consulting and Enhancements: Offering valuable insights and services for developing and expanding the solution’s capabilities with additional functionalities such as implementing new standard modules or functionalities, modifying existing functionalities, developing custom functionalities, integrating third-party modules and systems, and more
  • Custom Report Development: Creating new reports and analysis or making changes to existing ones to meet specific business requirements
  • User Training: Conducting training sessions to educate users on effectively using the ERP system and maximizing its benefits
  • System Installation
  • License Management

Reliable support that meets your business needs

To fully maximize the advantages of your implemented business management solution, Team VISION Bulgaria provides comprehensive support plans tailored to your needs. These plans ensure seamless operation and address any issues that may arise along the way:

  • Subscription support plan – this plan offers a contract for a predefined number of hours over a 1-year period, with a discount from our hourly rates, based on the number of hours in the subscription.
  • Service support plan – with this plan, you don’t need to commit to a fixed number of hours over the 1-year period. Instead, you will be billed for the support services on a monthly basis, providing you with the convenience of paying for the support you actually need.

Ready to streamline your business operations and drive digital transformation?

We are here to assist you in selecting the business management solution that perfectly aligns with your company’s specific requirements and business needs, and guide you through a successful implementation journey.