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Did you know you can use European funding to implement ERP, CRM and BI solutions in your company? Do not miss the opportunity to give your business a powerful boost.
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European programs for your business

The implementation of ERP, CRM and BI business process management solutions in your organization is also possible through grants from EU funds.

Team VISION Bulgaria is ready to assist you in choosing the right solution, preparing project documentation and applying for European funding.

Upcoming and active procedures

/ the information is based on the Indicative Annual Work Program of the OP “Innovation and Competitiveness” 2019, approved on 30.11.2018 /

Expected start of the program: to be announced

The main objective of the procedure “Digitization of SMEs” is to help develop the management capacity and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises through the development and implementation of specialized systems and applications for business management. The procedure will fund the development and implementation of ERP, CRM and BI systems for company management and analysis.

To achieve this goal, EUR 30 000 000 (BGN 58 674 900) will be allocated in the form of grants.

Who can apply for funding:

  • Micro, small and midsize enterprises
  • Enterprises that operate under the Commerce Act or the Cooperatives Act

Financial parameters of the procedure:

  • Total estimated financial support (grant): BGN 58 674 900 (EUR 30 million)
  • Grant amount per project: from 50 000 BGN to 391 166 BGN
  • Maximum co-financing rate: 70%

Activities eligible for funding:

  • Costs of services for the development and implementation of business management systems, customer relationship management, business analysis and more.
  • Investment costs for the acquisition of ERP, CRM, MOM / MES, BI and other management systems, as well as the acquisition of tangible and intangible fixed assets that contribute to the deployment of ICT-based systems.

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