Business Software Implementation

Implementation of solutions for business management and analysis

The implementation process is a crucial step in turning a basic software system into a true business management solution (ERP, CRM, BI), capable of effectively supporting the management of your business.
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When selecting a software implementer, you are also choosing a long-term partner who deeply understands your business needs and whom you can wholeheartedly trust.

This partnership is vital for the success of your implementation project and the future of your business.

Our expert team of consultants, developers and project managers boasts extensive experience in implementing business management solutions. With a proven track record of over 150 successful projects, we have catered to leading companies in Bulgaria and across the globe, serving a diverse range of industries. This wealth of experience positions us as a reliable partner in delivering effective software implementation services tailored to meet your specific business needs.

At Team VISION Bulgaria, we adhere to the principles of  the Microsoft approved and recommended implementation methodology Sure Step and apply it with meticulous attention to detail, taking into account the unique requirements of each project.

By choosing Team VISION Bulgaria, you rest assured that:

  • The implementation project will achieve its goals within the agreed scope, time and budget
  • You will receive a detailed plan and coordination of project activities at each stage of the implementation
  • You will have effective communication, regular project meetings and timely discussions of any potential problems, encountered during implementation
  • Any risks and issues will be addressed and proactively managed during the entire life cycle of the project by an experienced project manager
  • You will have full transparency over costs by phases and stages of the project
  • You will receive full project documentation
  • You are guaranteed a consistent quality in each activity, phase and stage of the project
  • You have a long-term reliable partner by your side, who will help you maximize the value of your investment

By trusting us with the implementation of a leading business management solution in your company, you are sure to receive:

Expert analysis

Expert analysis of all business processes running in your company and a blueprint of their integration within the business management system

Key user training

Extensive initial training of the key users of the software solution familiarizing them with the standard functionality of the system and all in-built processes and best practices

System setup

System setup for effectively managing your nomenclatures, products, suppliers, customers, etc.

Corporate identity

Setup of the system's printed forms to align with your company's corporate identity, logo and brand

Customization of the solution

Expanding the built-in standard functionality of the business management solution with additional developments and adapting the best business practices to suite your specific processes

Compliance with all legal requirements

Additional functionality such as General Ledger, Monthly Closing, VAT, Intrastat and others, necessary to make the system compliant with the requirements of the Bulgarian and the European legislation

Business continuity

Going live with the new system without interrupting the core business processes of the company and migration of all necessary data

Extensive testing and verification

Competent, thorough and detailed acceptance testing during setup and prior Go-live

Extensive end user training

Training of all users to utilize the full capabilities of the system and assistance during the initial stages of operation

Reliable project management

Reliable management of the implementation project to ensure the objectives are fulfilled in time and on budget, maintaining effective communication across all teams involved, providing clear and timely updates on the project's progress and status, proactively managing any potential risks during the entire implementation process

Ready to streamline your business operations and drive digital transformation?

We are here to assist you in selecting the software solution that perfectly aligns with your company’s specific requirements and business needs, and guide you through a successful implementation journey.