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Expand the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) with specially designed modules that meet your business needs.
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We know what it takes to turn Dynamics 365 Business Central into a corporate ERP solution tailored to your business needs

The additional features we have developed are based on our extensive experience and detailed knowledge of both the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central and the specific requirements of Bulgarian businesses.

Our ERP Add-ons extend the capabilities of your ERP solution and help enhance and elevate the productivity of your entire team:
  • Our Bulgarian localization app ensures that Business Central aligns with all legislative requirements and follows good accounting practices in Bulgaria;
  • The ERP solution is fully localized in Bulgarian, making it easier for businesses to operate in the local market;
  • You can easily manage specific areas of your business, such as payroll, warehousing, vehicle fleet, etc.;
  • Automate key business processes such as income and expense allocation, monthly closing, and comprehensive production cost calculation.

Our ERP Add-ons help extend the scope of the business management solution to cover specific business needs

Our Bulgarian Functionality Basic is designed to ensure that the ERP solution aligns with all Bulgarian legal requirements. This robust application enhances the standard VAT and INTRASTAT functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by incorporating specialized features and documents, such as:

  • Specific VAT Sales documents – Debit Note and Sales Protocol (for sales without issuing an invoice)
  • Specific VAT documents for VAT processing for intercommunity deals and services in the EU (VAT Protocol). This document is used for VAT calculation purposes
  • VAT Purchase Ledgers – includes all purchase documents for the respective month
  • VAT Sales Ledgers – includes all sales documents for the respective month
  • VAT Monthly Declaration – summary report for the purchase and sales VAT operations for the respective month
  • VIES Declaration – summary report for VAT operations with companies in the EU for the respective month
  • Specific functionality for VAT processing in compliance with Bulgarian legislation
  • INTRASTAT receipt report – includes all received goods from companies in the EU for the respective month
  • INTRASTAT shipment report – includes all shipped goods to companies in the EU for the respective month
  • Specific functionality for INTRASTAT processing in compliance with Bulgarian legislation
  • ID number functionality – for entering customers and vendors data entry with validity check

Microsoft AppSourceBulgarian Localization Basic app is now available on Microsoft AppSource

The Extended Bulgarian Functionality app enhances the ERP solution by incorporating various operations and processes that are considered best accounting practices in Bulgaria, even though they may not be mandatory according to Bulgarian accounting legislation. The application makes the ERP solution more flexible and better tailored to the needs of Bulgarian companies.

  • Balance Accounts – Every G/L Entry must have a G/L Balance Account
  • General Acc. Ledger – shows information for the G/L Accounts, in regard to the G/L Accounts that have been Balance Accounts for this G/L Account
  • Account Chronological Journal – shows all entries in a period for a G/L Account
  • Trial Balance Register – specific G/L report with information for opening balances, debit and credit turnover and closing balances for each G/L account
  • Verbalizing Amounts in Documents – special routines for translating numbers to words in Sales documents
  • Cash Orders – used for printing Cash Receipt Orders and Cash Payment Orders
  • Bank Orders – used for printing Bank Orders for counterparts and for the state budget
  • Dimensions Detail Report – this report is identical with the original report with the same name, but there is additional information for balancing accounts to each transaction
  • FA Inventory Ledger Report – specific report with the respective information for each Fixed asset.

Microsoft AppSourceBulgarian Localization Extended is now available on Microsoft AppSource

Our Payroll application streamlines the entire salary calculation process within the company, generating and displaying all documents required by the Bulgarian legislation. Additionally, the ERP add-on provides the convenience of generating reports in both Word and Excel formats, saving time and effort for the users.

  • Streamline the process of calculating salaries and bonuses for employees
  • Work with shift schedules
  • Calculate taxes and social insurance contributions
  • Distribute of employees in groups, based on their contract type, labor category, etc. for effective workforce management
  • Maintain comprehensive records of insurance payments, voluntary insurance, loans, liens, donations, etc.
  • Enable automatic cost and payments accounting directly or in the accounting module
  • Generate files files in bank format for seamless transfer of payments
  • Generate reports in Excel format to facilitate analysis and reporting
  • Allocate staff and costs based on customizable dimensions
  • Generate files for contract registration, Statement 1, Statement 6, information feed with reports for submitted documents for payment of compensations and Social Security benefits

Microsoft AppSource    Bulgarian Payroll app is now available on Microsoft AppSource

The Warehouse Management module leverages the core functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central for warehouse management and enhances it in several key areas:

Automation and control over warehouse operations through integration with hand-held and other external devices
  • Automatic identification and tracking of batches, pallets and containers of items through hand-held devices
  • Automatic count of received items from supplier by scanning the label
  • Generation of unique storage address for each received item, pallet, or container
  • Confirmation of item shipment by item or cell scan
  • Internal relocations – generating internal relocation of items within one or several areas, extended by proposed outbound / inbound relocation addresses for each pallet / container and relocation tasks for specified forklifts
  • Availability check: Comparing the system-logged number of pallets / containers with the actual count at each address
Quality Management
  • Registering quality analysis results in relation to batches, serial numbers or containers, along with maintaining a comprehensive history of changes
  • Zoning of the warehouse according to the activities performed in each zone
  • Indication of permit or prohibition for entry or exit of batches, serial numbers and/or containers from the specific area
Workflow management
  • Definition of logical zones (according to the type of operations performed) and physical zones (exp. low rack and high rack areas, stack type area, etc.)
  • Generate tasks to specific operators or machines
  • Generate statistics regarding the work of the warehouse

The Fleet Management module is specifically designed to meet the unique operational needs of transport and logistics companies. It offers comprehensive support for various key functions, including:

  • Vehicles register
  • Monitoring of important milestones (exp. expiration dates of certificates, insurance policies, etc.)
  • Monitoring of incidents and vehicle damage
  • Defining routes
  • Way-bills management
  • Route pricing and automated invoicing
  • Tracking of vehicle expenses
  • Issue of travel orders
  • Processing of drivers’ reports
  • Tracking of fueling cards (from different gas station chains)
  • Import of data regarding refueling from the main gas stations reference records
  • Automated recording of fuel consumption – based on consumption rates or actual consumption

The module provides the capability to generate reports on travel sheets, cars, and drivers:

  • Mileage
  • Expenses
  • Data from vehicle computers
  • Certificates
  • Damages
  • Specific reports, based on data regarding completed routes

Microsoft AppSource   Fleet Management app is also available on Microsoft AppSource

The Accruals add-on offers convenient and efficient functionality for allocating incomes and expenses as they occur. This eliminates the need for monthly calculations and the delayed recognition of these transactions.

Users can easily access this functionality from sale or purchase documents, such as annual subscription invoices, or from general journals (for example local taxes). While primarily designed for accrual purposes, the module also allows users to post incomes and expenses for past periods, when the corresponding document is issued in the current fiscal period.

With the Accruals module, businesses can streamline their financial management processes and ensure accurate and timely recognition of income and expenses. This helps to improve financial reporting accuracy and ensures that businesses have a clear view of their financial performance at any given time


  • Each document is handled only once
  • The danger of missing a record is avoided
  • The processing time is significantly reduced

The Monthly Closing App’s functionality allows the monthly turnover of specific accounts and by selected parameters to be completed at the end of the month. Primarily utilized for closing income and expense accounts, it can also be applied to other accounts when required. One of the module’s key applications is calculating the total cost of production (allocation of total / indirect costs to the cost of the manufactured product based on predetermined algorithms). Additionally, it offers the flexibility to adjust various distribution methods for production costs based on their nature.

Short description:

  • Automate the closing of income and expense accounts by analytical categories
  • Calculate the full cost of production, including materials, direct intangible production costs (e.g., depreciation, wages, insurance, energy) and indirect production costs (e.g., external services and other costs)
  • Allocate total costs by departments using different methods:
    • based on fixed rates (e.g., rent, security, dining)
    • proportional allocation based on the type of the production unit (e.g., cooling, purification plant)
    • based on actual reports for work done (e.g., support)
  • Allocate indirect costs over the cost of production:
    • The total costs of each unit are allocated only over products it manufactured
    • Different allocation keys may be used in the allocation of indirect costs, depending on the unit (e.g., quantity, technological time, labor)

Actual benefits:

  • Enables the formation of a comprehensive and accurate cost of production
  • Facilitates the adjustment of sales prices based on the accurate cost of production
  • Provides businesses with true and reliable information regarding the profits generated from each product, allowing for better decision-making and strategic planning
  • Simplifies the monthly closing process by automating various financial tasks, reducing manual effort and streamlining operations
  • Allows for the allocation of marketing, advertising, transportation, and other indirect expenses

Microsoft AppSource   Monthly Closing app is also available on Microsoft AppSource

The Exchange Rate Add-on offers a convenient solution for automating the import of foreign exchange rates from the Bulgarian National Bank directly into Dynamics 365 Business Central. By eliminating the need for manual input, this feature not only saves valuable time but also reduces the reliance on labor-intensive tasks.

Benefits from the add-on:

  • Eliminates the need for manual update of exchange rates in the ERP solution
  • Reduces the time and efforts when working with foreign exchange currency
  • Eliminates the possibility for inaccuracies in the accounting records due to wrong or outdated exchange rates

The Add-on takes information directly from the official website of Bulgarian National Bank and is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. The application enabling users to easily update exchange rates for all utilized foreign currencies in their ERP solution. With the Exchange Rate app users have the flexibility to predefine specific days and times for the workflow to execute, ensuring accurate and up-to-date exchange rates at their desired intervals.

The Bulgarian Language app provides a comprehensive and reliable translation of the key features and functions found in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, including translations for captions, fields, actions, menus, and ToolTips.

Easy to install, the Add-on enables Bulgarian users of Business Central all around the world to fully utilize the system’s capabilities and benefits in their native language and thus not only facilitates a better user experience but also contributes to improved efficiency and productivity.

Microsoft AppSourceBulgarian Language App is also available on Microsoft AppSource.

The App is not limited to the cloud-based ERP solution alone, but can also be seamlessly integrated with on-premises versions of Business Central (18.1 or later). To learn more, please contact our team.

Unlock seamless integration with Speedy, Bulgaria’s premier courier service, right from your ERP solution. Our App is natively integrated within Dynamics 365 Business Central and eliminates the need to switch systems when creating expedition documents, calculating prices and ordering shipment collection of products and materials.

  • Effortlessly designate your preferred warehouse for hassle-free collection directly within Business Central;
  • Streamline shipping by selecting products already listed in a posted sales consignment note within your ERP solution;
  • Customize shipments with ease, making manual adjustments and indicating palletization requirements as needed;
  • Gain instant insight into shipment pricing details for transparent decision-making;
  • Simplify logistics with automated collection ordering processes;
  • Access comprehensive details on all courier packages dispatched via Speedy, ensuring full visibility and control.

Microsoft AppSourceThe Speedy Courier Service Integration app is now available on Microsoft AppSource

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