Build your business on a solid foundation. Optimize key business processes, improve customer service, reduce costs and base decision making on real-time reliable information.
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Successful construction companies build their reputation on their ability to finish projects on time and within budget

Construction companies, who invest in the right business management software, surpass their competitors in terms of profit while providing high quality services to their customers.

The perfect business management solution for construction companies should help increase profitability, monitor and manage expenses, and provide functionality far beyond the daily operations. Moreover, it must be able to adapt quickly to market changes and intense competition.

Team VISION Bulgaria offers an integrated and flexible solution, that allows construction companies to effectively manage their projects and complex business processes with minimum IT cost. It helps them optimize their processes, improve customer service, reduce costs and ensure faster and better decision-making.

Manage every aspect of your business with cutting-edge digital solutions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Tableau Business Intelligence

How will our solutions and services help you optimize your business?

  • Evaluate and maintain project profitability
  • Manage and control all costs throughout the entire process, from quotation to execution
  • Make the most of available facilities and resources during the entire project
  • Optimize management decision making based on detailed financial and accounting information
  • Improve key business processes by automating operational tasks
  • Minimize delays
  • Manage and track all customer-related activities
  • Have up-to-date unified information for all customers at your fingertips

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