Retail and Distribution

Achieve optimal inventory management, streamline operations, and ensure efficient order and delivery processes to provide exceptional customer service and maximize customer satisfaction.
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ERP solution for your retail and distribution business

Choose a specialized and reliable vertical solution for the management of your retail and distribution business, based on the leading ERP software Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Team VISION Bulgaria’s extensive experience in this specific industry.

Nowadays, managing businesses in the rapidly expanding trade and distribution sector can be a daunting task. With daily market fluctuations, the constant emergence of new competitors and technologies, and the ever-changing demands of consumers, the challenges are endless.

Having spent years immersed in this dynamic industry, we have gained valuable insight into the specific challenges that retailers and distributors face and are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you overcome these obstacles.

Our comprehensive ERP solution is specifically designed for retail and distribution companies. By automating essential processes within your distribution operations, our solution empowers you to enhance sales, ensure timely deliveries, and cultivate the loyalty of your customers.

  • Specific functionalities that distribution companies need in their daily work
  • Mobile solution that works on any device enabling employees to access critical information on the go, facilitating uninterrupted productivity and real-time decision-making
  • Customized interface, tailored to the needs of different user groups to enhance user experience, making tasks more intuitive, efficient, and personalized
  • Ability to track key metrics and conduct in-depth analysis for making informed decisions, optimization and better management of processes, and driving continuous  improvement

Our specialized ERP solution for retail and distribution companies offers a range of benefits to optimize your business operations

Optimize your stocks and ensure the shortest possible delivery times

By accurately tracking and managing inventory levels, you can avoid stockouts and ensure timely replenishment, resulting in improved customer satisfaction

Optimize the processes of packaging and expedition of goods

With efficient order management and streamlined workflows, you can accelerate the packaging and shipping process, reducing turnaround times and improving overall operational efficiency

Effectively manage the execution of orders and customer services

By centralizing order management, you can easily track orders from initiation to fulfillment, ensuring smooth and timely delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction

Optimize the delivery planning

With advanced planning capabilities and real-time visibility into inventory and demand, you can optimize the delivery routes and schedules, minimizing delivery costs and improving overall efficiency

Automate your warehouse activities through integration with barcode devices

Automation of various warehouse processes such as inventory tracking, picking, and packing, results in increased accuracy and productivity

Optimize your cash flows and receivables

With features such as automated invoicing and payment tracking, you can streamline financial processes and ensure timely payments, improving your cash flow management

Analyze the sales and profits

With comprehensive insights into sales data and profitability, you can identify trends, make informed pricing decisions, and optimize your overall financial performance

Easy integrate your system with the business software of your customers and suppliers

This seamless integration streamlines data exchange and communication, enabling you to collaborate more effectively with your business partners

Unlock the full potential of your retail and distribution business with our proven solutions

From successful projects to innovative solutions, we have the expertise to drive growth and efficiency for your company. Reach out to us now to delve deeper into our offerings and embark on a transformative journey.

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