Attach licenses make the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions even more attractive

Надграждане на системи от семейство Dynamics 365

When talking about business management solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is among the first that come to mind. Developed by Microsoft as an integrated platform to help businesses to plan and manage their key processes, Dynamics 365 seamlessly brings together leading ERP & CRM solutions.

Dynamics 365 offers businesses:

  • Enterprise resource management systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central; Finance and Supply Chain Management
  • Customer resource management systems aimed at various business areas:
    • Sales
    • Customer Service
    • Field Service
    • Project Operations
    • Marketing
  • HR management solutions and more

All these systems can seamlessly integrate and operate together, thus expanding their scope and offering companies a robust and omnipotent software solution. Microsoft’s flexible licensing model, including the so-called Attach licenses, also greatly contributes to that.

What are the Attach licenses?

All cloud solutions within the Dynamics 365 family are licensed with subscription licenses, which, in the majority of cases, are individual named licenses for each user. However, if a growing company needs to use a second software solution from the same family, Microsoft makes it possible to license the additional solution with an attached license. The attached license provides the same scope of functionalities as a regular license but comes at a price, which is approximately 3 times lower than that of the standard license.

For example, if a company uses a Dynamics 365 ERP solution to manage its business but feels the need to provide its sales team with a robust customer management system, it can easily add a Dynamics 365 CRM software on top of its ERP solution. To make things easier from licensing point of view, every user that needs to have access to both systems may use an Attach license for the CRM solution at the price of just 18.70 EUR per month.

Attach licenses provide full access to all CRM functionality but are significantly less expensive than the regular licenses. This flexible licensing policy makes the Dynamics 365 family of solutions much more affordable to companies of different size and helps them easily face the challenges and needs of their growing business.

Attach licenses are applicable to almost all solutions from the Dynamics 365 family. The full list of all options for such type of licensing are shown below.

Attach лицензи за Dynamics 365 системи
Source: Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide – June 2023


Dynamics 365 Business Central as an Attach license

In the middle of May 2023 Microsoft introduced attach licensing also available for the leading ERP solution Dynamics 365 Business Central. All companies that already use Business Central (Premium) can now use attach licenses to add the CRM solutions Dynamics 365 Sales (Enterprise) or Dynamics 365 Customer Service (Enterprise) on top of it.

Microsoft also announced that starting September of this year Business Central Essentials licenses will also be available as an attach to all companies that already use the CRM solutions Dynamics 365 Sales (Enterprise) or Customer Service (Enterprise) to manage the relationship with their customers.

What to learn more about the Dynamics 365 family of software solutions and how they can help you optimize your business? Our team is here for you!

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