Tableau 2019.1 allows users to literally Ask Data

Tableau Ask Data

The long-awaited new release of Tableau is finally here. Tableau 2019.1, which premiered on 12th February, comes packed with lots of new functionalities, among which natural language processing capabilities, new add-on for scheduling data preparation, new connectors to data sources and much more.

Ask Data

Staying true to the idea that every person should be able to get the most out of data, Tableau have developed the revolutionary new functionality Ask Data. As part of Tableau Server and Tableau Online Ask Data is the easiest way to gain answers to your questions. Based on AI and machine learning algorithms it allows users to literally type their questions and get the answers they are looking for in the form of interactive visualizations.

What’s more, not only does Ask Data allow you to dive into more details by refining your questions, but it also understands abstract terms based on context. The new functionality will allow even users with no knowledge of working with Tableau access to all the benefit data can provide.

Ask Data - new functionality for Tableau Server and Tableau Online


Tableau Prep Conductor – data prep automation solution

Tableau Prep Conductor is the new member of the Tableau family aimed at automating data preparation. With Tableau Prep Conductor you can easily schedule and run prep flows so that your data is always fresh and well prepared for analysis.

Tableau Prep Conductor helps automate data preparation


New functionalities for easier and more productive use of data

Tableau 2019.1 also features many additional functionalities which further extend the solution’s capabilities. Easily exporting vizzes from Tableau to PowerPoint as high resolution images, nested sorting improvements, Google Ads connector and more are just part of those new functionalities and another example of why Tableau is the gold standard for business intelligence.

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