Tableau Fundamentals

Wish to achieve in-depth knowledge in the field of visual analytics and skills in working with one of the leading business intelligence solutions worldwide? Join our one-of-a-kind Tableau practical training – now entirely online.
Online Live training | 3 days
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Course period:

27 to 29 September 2023

Course duration:

3 days (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

Training is held in Bulgarian.

Fee: 360 € / participant (VAT excl.)

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Изцяло онлайн Tableau обучение
Entirely online
Tableau обучение с преподавател
15 hours of tutor-led training with a certified Tableau professional
Tableau обучение пълен набор учебни материали
Training materials and additional resources
Tableau практически упражнения
Practical training sessions after each topic
Сертификат за участие в Tableau обучение
Certificate of attendance

What you will learn in this course

Tableau is one of the leading solutions for data visualization and analysis worldwide. The system’s user-friendly interface and rich functionality turn Tableau into the preferred BI solution of users from various walks of life.  The solution helps over 86 000 companies around the globe to see, understand and interact with their data better.

  • How to quickly prepare data for analysis without wasting time
  • How to join and use data from multiple data sources to get powerful insights
  • How to build and use different types of interactive data visualizations such as histograms, heat maps, area diagrams, bauble charts, combined chats, colour coded charts and many more
  • How to create complex visual analyses and forecasts, based on data

This course provides you with theoretical knowledge about Tableau’s main functionalities, tips, tricks and best practices as well as practical labs that enable you to work with the software and explore its advantages under the guidance of our Tableau experts.

Training program


Getting Started with Tableau - Overview, Terminology and Interface. Working with Tableau and Sharing visualizations.

Getting Data into Tableau

Getting Started with Data. Data Connections, Data Sources and Extracts. Types of Joins and Unions of Data. Data Blending.

Visual Analytics with Tableau

Getting Started with Visual Analytics. Understanding Pill Types, Drill Down and Hierarchies. Sorting, Grouping, Filtering and Formatting Data. Sets and Parameters. Working with the Analytics Pane.

Dashboards and Stories

Getting Started with Dashboards and Stories. Dashboard Interactivity.


Basics of Calculations in Tableau. Different types of Calculations - Aggregate Calculations. Date Calculations, Logical Calculations, String Calculations, Number Calculations, Type Calculations, Table Calculations.

Next Steps

This training is perfect for you, if you wish to:

  • Master Tableau – the BI solution of over 86 000 organizations around the globe
  • Be up-to-date with the latest trends and tools for Big Data processing
  • Be able to create in-depth visual analysis in minutes, no programming skills needed
  • Be able to utilize the full potential of your data
  • Learn skill which will help your career grow

Wish to master Tableau? Book your seat in advance or send us your questions and we’ll contact you right back!

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