Turn data into your most powerful competitive weapon.
Tableau enables organizations of all sizes to get powerful data insights to fuel better decisions, build trust and confidence across their business, and drive resilience in the face of constant change.
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Tableau Software helps you gain new insight into your data

Tableau is a next-generation self-service business intelligence platform, which helps you transform data into easy to understand and use interactive visualizations.

  • Conduct instant market analyses and identify business trends as they emerge
  • Use your data to gain and maintain competitive edge
  • Find answers to your questions at the speed of thought
  • Drill down to find out not only “What” but also “Why”
  • Base your decision-making on powerful insights instead of speculations

Join over 86 000 companies around the world that already trust the leading business intelligence solution Tableau to help them see and understand data better.

Choose the Leader in business analytics

Forget the long hours and days it used to take to extract and consolidate data before being able to analyze it. Live visual analytics helps you get to actionable insights fast.

Tableau naturally connects to various date sources. The rich variety of tools and filters at your disposal allows you to immediately spot trends and contradictions, isolate examples and harness the power of your data.

Visualizations that leave nothing hidden

Explore data from different angles and find trends and correlations that have previously slipped your attention

Advanced analytics for everyone

Provide your team with all they need to harness the power of Data, no programing skills needed

Powerful insights anytime, anywhere

Drive your business forward by relying on actionable insights anytime, anywhere and on any device

Analyses at the speed of thought

Analyze data 10 to 100 times faster than traditional business intelligence solutions

Tableau helps you change the way you interact with data

Tableau Desktop

Your main business intelligence weapon
  • Create the reports and analyses you need in a matter of minutes
  • Present data in the form of interactive and easy-to-process visualizations
  • Connect to a multitude of data sources, join and union data to make the most of it
  • Apply powerful analytics – from forecasting to regressions – with just a few clicks, and answer deeper, more sophisticated questions. Quickly spot trends and outliers to reveal everyday opportunities and eureka moments alike

Uncover the power of your data with Tableau Desktop’s options for in-depth analyses, statistic functionalities and mobile capabilities.

Tableau Server / Tableau Cloud

Explore data and share insights in a safe and trusted environment

True enterprise-scale analytics that utilizes the latest technologies such as AI, machine learning, natural language processing and more.

  • Ask Data – machine-learning based functionality that lets you communicate naturally with your data by asking questions as they emerge and getting answers in the form of interactive visualizations
  • Explain Data – based on advanced statistic models this AI-driven tool helps you easily answer the Why-s behind your data
  • Connect with huge variety of different data sources
  • Ensure the security of your data with fine-grained control of user and content-level permissions
  • Choose how to deploy – on-premises or in the cloud – and scale up as your business grows.

You no longer need to choose between security and creating a data-driven corporate environment – with Tableau Server / Online you can have both.

Tableau Prep

Designed to accelerate analysis

Tableau Prep is designed to let you get to analysis faster by helping you combine, shape and clean your data in no time.

Tableau Prep Builder gives you a deeper understanding of your data and helps you immediately spot and fix discrepancies, leaving you with information you can trust.

  • Immediate results – you instantly see your data changing with each action, even when working with millions of rows of data. Tableau Prep lets you experiment with data until you reach the desired results
  • Work faster, work smarter – use Tableau Prep’s smart features to fix common data prep challenges in just one click
  • Share data and collaborate in a secure environment – easily share your data sources using Tableau Server or Tableau Online and create an environment where everyone in your organization can work with governed data

Tableau Prep helps you connect to data on premises or in the cloud, whether it is a database or a spreadsheet. Access, combine and clean disparate data without writing code. Tableau Prep intelligently pushes operations down to the database when possible, letting you take advantage of existing database investments for fast flow execution performance.

Tableau Prep Conductor helps you easily publish and run flows in your server environment and provide everyone in your organization with prepped and up-to-date data. Tableau Prep Conductor allows you to schedule your flows to run when you need them to – day or night as well as monitor their health across the entire server so you can address any issues quickly.

What Data challenges is your business facing?

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