Team VISION Bulgaria with a lecture on ERP solutions and digital transformation

ERP системи и мястото им дигиталната трансформация

Team VISION Bulgaria once again took part in the opening lecture, which gives the start to the new academic year of the master’s program “Business software and ERP platforms”.

The program is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria and is created by the ERP Academy in cooperation with VUZF University. Experts from various partnering companies, specialized in the field of development and implementation of business management solutions, share their knowledge and experience with the students.

As partner to the ERP Academy, Team VISION Bulgaria once again had the pleasure of being part of the opening lecture, which introduces the students to the world of ERP solutions and their key role in the digital transformation of business. Our general manager, Rosen Karaivanov introduced Microsoft’s family of business solutions Microsoft Dynamics and more specifically the leading ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. He also talked about the key prerequisites of a successful ERP implementation as well as the main risks, which such a project might face.

The participants were especially interested in the correlation between the three main components of an ERP project – scope of the implementation, budget and duration. Mr. Karaivanov illustrated that correlation with a triangle and demonstrated how the change of one of its sides always leads to changes in at least one of the other two. Special emphasis was placed on the bilateral nature of the implementation process – for a project to be completed within time and budget both the integrator and the client company should invest equal amounts of energy and efforts.

The lecturer closed his presentation by describing the main benefits business reports as a direct result of using the full capacity if the ERP solution:

  • Real-time information and a comprehensive view over the entire business
  • Improving productivity and work efficiency
  • Lowering the operational costs
  • Achieving higher customer satisfaction, competitive advantages and many others.

The lecturer also emphasized on the importance of proper change management, which should be an integral part of every project. Change management is vital for the adoption of the ERP solution throughout the entire organization.


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