Tableau 2022.2 helps see and understand data faster and better

Tableau 2022.2 нова версия

The new Tableau 2022.2 is live and available to users all around the globe. Packed with many useful new additions it is the first version to include the innovations Tableau announced coming during their Annual Conference in May 2022. Among the new additions are functionalities that help accelerate data processing, speed-up data prep and result in even faster data-to-insights process.

Tableau 2022.2 brings to live new Data Stories to help business users in their work; easier and faster data search and tracking of key metrics, and powerful accelerators to speed-up the analytics process to name but a few of all exciting innovations.

Data Stories or What is Data telling us

Tableau’s mission has always been helping all kinds of data users navigate through data with ease and understand it with a simple glance. The new version 2022.2 takes another significant step in that direction by introducing Data Stories – new smart functionality, based on machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).

Data Stories can be added to any visualization, and it can automatically generate customizable dashboard summaries, which help users understand them faster and easier. What is more, the summary is presented in the form of easy-to-remember bullets and updates every time the data or the visualization changes. Adding a Data Story to your viz is simple as drag-and-drop and they are easily customizable to answer the audiences needs better. Presented initially as part of Tableau Cloud, Data Stories will soon be available to Tableau Server users as well.

Easily track key metrics

When basing decisions on data, the faster you find the right numbers and analysis, the sooner you will be able to turn insights into actions. Giving faster access to insights is key to Tableau and Tableau 2022.2 makes no exception. It comes with significant improvements to the search tools as well as introduces configurable Metrics, which helps you track your data at a glance and gives you a streamlined view of your KPIs.

Metrics in Tableau 2022.2
Source: Tableau Inc.

Metrics gives the option to customize parameters such as data range, comparison type and period to quickly see how our KPIs are changing over time. If you need additional information, you can always drill-down into the connected views to get a more holistic view over your data.

Boost analysis

Remember Tableau Exchange? Tableau’s one-stop shop for powerful extensions, connectors and accelerators was introduced last year and quickly became user’s favorite. With Tableau 2022.2 you can now access Tableau Exchange directly from Tableau Desktop. All expert-built and ready-to-use accelerators are now just one click away to help you jump-start your analysis, save you time and let you focus on what is most essential – turn data into profitable decisions and actions.


Among the other exciting innovations Tableau 2022.2 has to offer there are also new options for advanced customization of embedded visualizations, new features in Ask Data as well as new tools for faster data preparation with Tableau Prep Builder.


If you want to learn more about Tableau and how it can change the way you interact with data and use it in your business, write to us and we will contact you right back!

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