“Entrepreneurs in Class” manages its activities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 CRM в Предприемачи в клас

The “Entrepreneurs in Class” initiative manages all its communications with Bulgarian schools and entrepreneurs with the help of the leading CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, implemented by Team VISION Bulgaria.

“Entrepreneurs in Class” is an innovative initiative of the INCREDA Association – a non-profit association in public benefit, whose mission is to inspire Bulgarian students and light the spark of entrepreneurship by bringing real entrepreneurial stories to the classroom. The initiative offers all Bulgarian schools an innovative educational format to help them excel their students’ entrepreneurial knowledge and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit. The initiative is implemented with the financial support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

For its ever-growing activity, “Entrepreneurs in Class” needed a software solution to fully manage their communication with representatives of both the business community and the schools in the process of negotiating, organizing and conducting physical, online and video meetings of entrepreneurs with Bulgarian students. The rich functionality of the CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft’s affordable Nonprofit offering made the software system the right solution for “Entrepreneurs in class”, and Team VISION Bulgaria – the preferred technology partner for this project.

The project covered the implementation and configuration of the CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and its integration with other Microsoft applications such as Power Automate, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, Power Apps Portals and others to cover all aspects of the initiative’s activities.

A fully connected with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales user portal was implemented, which facilitates the registration of schools and entrepreneurs to participate in the initiative and enters the received data directly in the database of the system. At the same time, the portal serves as a meeting point between schools who wish to hold events as part of the initiative and the entrepreneurs who want to share their experience and professional path with the students.

“The ability to have a unified system in which we can easily trace the communication with each individual entrepreneur and teacher / school, and the individual details related to our events has greatly benefited our work”, says Ms. Mira Krasteva, Director of the initiative. “Using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM system has helped us automate much of our work and reduce the time it takes to organize events and track the feedback from them. We now have accurate real-time information regarding the stage of our initiatives, who is involved in them and what the impact of our efforts is. It was very important for us to eliminate any possibility of data discrepancies or unintentional errors.”

The software solution provides a wide range of reports that assist “Entrepreneurs in Class” in tracking commitments with schools and entrepreneurs, and the built-in mass mailing capabilities allow them to implement information campaigns to selected segments of contractors and track their results within the system. The CRM solution is ready to grow with “Entrepreneurs in Class” and help them manage all new types of initiatives they are working on in support of Bulgarian education.

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