Tableau 2021.2 gives more users access to the power of data

Tableau 2021.2

The latest version of the leading BI solution Tableau is now available to users worldwide. Following its mission to make data accessible to everyone, Tableau 2021.2 comes with new features that make finding answers in information easier and faster than ever.

Ask Data & Explain Data available to all Tableau users

Now anyone with a license for Tableau (regardless of the type of license – Creator, Explorer or Viewer) can take advantage of a quick and easy way to find in data answers to their questions. The intelligent Ask Data and Explain Data functionalities are now available even to Viewers and can be easily inserted into dashboards and interactive reports.

Ask Data – answers to questions you have not even asked yet

Tableau introduced the Ask Data functionality back in 2019 and since then constantly expands its capabilities. Based on intelligent Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, Ask Data enables business users to ask questions directly to the system and get instant answers in the form of interactive visualizations. This not only significantly speeds up data processing, but also enables users who are unfamiliar with the Tableau interface or have no experience with data analytics to quickly find answers to questions that concern them.

The new Tableau 2021.2 introduces a completely updated and improved version of Ask Data, now available to business users in any company. New search options now:

  • help users explore what is in their data, especially when they are not familiar with the data source;
  • give users more control over how their questions are interpreted;
  • provide guidance on what questions users can ask to get to the results they are looking for faster.

Additionally, Ask Data can now be integrated into interactive dashboards and reports with a few clicks, and analysts (Creators & Explorers) can now create better, curated experiences of Ask Data for others by hiding irrelevant fields, adding synonyms, setting-up sample questions and many other.

Ask Data отговаря на въпроси относно данните

Explain Data helps you understand why things are as you see them

Another NLP functionality of Tableau – Explain Data – is now also available to all Tableau users. Based on complex statistical models, Explain Data can offer possible explanations for the drivers behind each selected mark in a visualization. In this way, the system provides a better understanding of the data and allows for even more in-depth analysis.

Other new features in Tableau 2021.2 include the possibilities for even easier navigation in company data by organizing it in Collections, as well as new additions to geo-spatial analytics, such as are spatial calculations and map layer control.

Калкулации с гео-данни в Tableau


If you wish to see for yourself the capabilities of Tableau and how it can benefit your business, try Tableau for yourself or contact us and let’s discuss together the best ways to get the most out of your business data.

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