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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM

The first of the two big “waves” of updates that Microsoft adds to its business management solutions during the year includes features that will gradually be added to the capabilities of the Dynamics 365 family of solutions from April to September 2021.

The new features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 save time and support decision-making any time anywhere

In a year in which helping sales teams and accelerating sales processes is key to the success of any company, Microsoft puts strong emphasize on the following areas of its CRM solutions:

  • Saving time – the new functionalities in the system allow for even greater automation of sales processes and their rapid adaptation to changing needs and consumer behavior. Thanks to a variety of new options for customizing the system’s interface to the needs of sales teams, they now have even better visibility into leads and prospects and have the information they need to take immediate action and stay ahead of the competition.


  • Taking successful data-based decisions – The CRM system is evolving towards providing new opportunities for even faster discovery and use of the right information for customers, transactions and opportunities. In addition, the software provides new insights that allow salespeople to better understand the sales funnel and be prepared for whatever is coming their way. Based on data and smart algorithms, the CRM system is now able to predict and recommend the next most appropriate steps in the sales process.


  • Helping salespeople on the go – salespeople are a highly mobile force and for them it is very important to have convenient access to all necessary information at any time and on any device. That is why Microsoft is paying special attention to developing the mobile version of its CRM solution. Teams can now see LinkedIn data about the people they contact, statistics and parameters for transactions, contacts and companies, attachments, exchanged emails, notes and much more. Also, the solution now allows information for calls and online meetings from MS Teams to be attached directly to records in the CRM system.


Among the most interesting new features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales in the first half of this year are:

Deeper integration with MS Teams

When it comes to sales, communication between salespeople and teams is extremely valuable for winning and retaining customers. In the last year, Microsoft Teams has established itself as a leading solution for communication both with customers and within companies. That is why Microsoft is working hard towards even closer integration of Teams and Dynamics 365 family of solutions. The integration between Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales now allows:

  • Access to Teams topics and channels directly from Dynamics 365 and joining group chats directly from the system
  • Creation or modification of tasks, notes, appointments and other activities for a client or other records directly from Teams
  • Sharing CRM records in messages through Teams and more

Of course, this integration does not come at the expense of information security, which is ensured by setting strict user rights to access, sharing and modification of data. In short, the close integration of CRM software with Teams allows sales teams to communicate effectively without leaving the system they are working with directly.

Digital Selling

Digital sales are a concept focused on using different channels to build successful relationships and turn online contacts into offline sales. In a time when physical contacts are limited and most potential customers come through various online channels, Microsoft is investing in new opportunities to facilitate their movement through the sales funnel and turn them into successful transactions fast. Among the new functionalities of the CRM are:

  • Automated rules for distribution of incoming potential customers to the most suitable salesperson
  • Setting criteria for automatic execution of various routine tasks, such as scheduling meetings or sending emails depending on the interaction with the client – opened emails, phone calls, completed meetings, etc.
  • Setting up intelligent algorithms to propose the next most appropriate step in the direction of closing a successful transaction based on the current communication with the client and other criteria.

All this is aimed at speeding up the sales process and saving time and effort for sales teams so that they can focus on immediate tasks that require their skills.

In addition, the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is about to introduce a new workspace experience which is not only engaging, intuitive, and accessible from Sales hub and other custom apps, but also gives salespeople even faster access to information for each customer or potential deal.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales ново работно пространство за търговците
Source: Microsoft Dynamics 365 2021 Release Wave 1 Plan

Better forecasting and pipeline analytics

Sales forecasting is key to business management and strategic decision making but many companies still struggle to develop accurate sales forecasts that can truly inform these strategic decisions. Forecasting is an important part of the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, which is now expanding with new features such as:

  • Ability to track which factors contribute to forming the predictive score of potential customers or opportunities and to adjust the weight of each of these parameters according to the specifics of the business
  • Cloning of existing forecasts to speed up the forecasting process
  • Adjustment of custom fiscal periods in accordance with the specifics of the business and others.


As systems that manage the extremely dynamic sales process, CRM solutions have established themselves as one of the fastest growing business software. Each subsequent version the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM adds new smart algorithms and functionalities that save time, support the sales process and increase the chances of turning more opportunities into successful sales.

If you want to learn more about the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, see them in action and talk about the ways they can benefit your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

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