Tableau 2020.1 – data in motion

New functionalities in Tableau 2020.1

This year’s first version of the leading BI software Tableau is already available to users worldwide.

The new Tableau 2020.1 offers even greater variety of tools for adding powerful interactivity and storytelling to your data. Dynamic parameters, animated vizes and spatial analysis are only few of the new functionalities.

Dynamic parameters

Tableau has always valued ease of use and each next version is a step in that direction. With the new Tableau 2020.1, users can now rest assured that their vizes would always show the latest data to all anyone who is viewing them. Once set, the dynamic parameters are automatically updated whenever the viz is reopened to show all new data added to the data source in the meantime.

For example, if or visualization shows the amount of sold goods for a certain month, we no longer need to update it each time a new month starts and more data is added to the system. This has all been automated, saving users time and efforts.

Animated visualizations

What better way to see data changing than to see it actually move. Animated vizes are a powerful tool to help you illustrate any changes in data during a period of time or as a result of filtering, grouping, adding parameters and more. Animation helps easily spotting trends and makes analyzing data even faster. Meanwhile, enabling animations is as simple as just selecting On in the Animations format pane with no setup required.

Анимирани визуализации на данни в Tableau 2020.1

Spatial analysis

Geo-spatial analysis are among the most commonly used visualizations in Tableau so it is no wonder that each new version has something to add in that direction. Tableau 2020.1 finally gives users of geo-data the new Buffer calculations, which make working with proximity and distance in Tableau simpler than ever.

All you need to do is set a point-location, distance and unit of measure and let Tableau create a boundary, which you can then use to perform distance-driven analysis. For example, with only a few clicks you can find out just how many of your competitors are situated within 1 km. from your store or how many new residential buildings are there within a walking distance from a subway station.

Tableau 2020.1 also features other new and improved functionalities including improvements in Explain Data and Tableau Prep Builder, single-click export of dashboards, easier license management and more.


If you want to see Tableau 2020.1 in action, you can download a free trial or contact us to find out how it can help you gain the most out of your business data.

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