The new Tableau 2022.1 is here!

Tableau 2022.1

This year’s first version of Tableau – a Leader in the world of business intelligence platforms – is now available to users all around the Globe. The new Tableau 2022.1 focuses on providing even better data visualization, optimized search and presents new innovations in Ask Data – Tableau’s intelligent functionality which makes analysis more accessible to business users without any specific technical expertise

Ask the right questions with Ask Data

After changing its licensing policy to make Ask Data accessible to all in the second half of last year, Tableau continues working to help more users benefit from the power of data.

Ask Data is based of smart algorithms and machine learning to allow users to query data in a natural human language and receive rich interactive visualizations as a result.

Tableau 2022.1 presents the new and improved Ask Data Phrase Builder which adds hybrid point-and-click guided experience for asking analytical questions. This way users will no longer need to know all Tableau capabilities in detail to be able to ask the right questions and build powerful data visualizations. Ask Data Phrase Builder continues to lower the analytical proficiency required to get to the right insights, particularly on data that’s not well suited to natural language, or where the user doesn’t have a clear intent in mind.

Find the right data faster

Having in mind the abundance of data that companies are facing on a daily basis, it is extremely important for every user to be able to quickly find the information they need in their daily job.

To help with that, Tableau’s team has invested significant time and efforts in completely redesigning the system’s search mechanism. The new algorithm not only corrects for common issues, like misspelling, spaces and punctuation, but also ranks the content according to popularity, recent usage and other quality signals. The most relevant content is ranked higher and shows the data source, the owner of the vizes and what they look like.

Build workbooks based on best practices

Creating informative and easy-to-understand visual analysis is not enough to successfully use data in an organization. The performance of individual Tableau workbooks plays a central role for both individual consumers and at the organizational level.

To guaranty the best possible performance, Tableau 2022.1 presents the new Workbook Optimizer – an intelligent assistant which analyzes workbooks and gives recommendations for optimizing their performance. Based on years of experience of Tableau users, developers and external experts, Workbook Optimizer helps apply all that combined knowledge and best practices when building workbooks.

These are just a few of the innovations Tableau 2022.1 surprised users with. Along with them, the new version also introduces new functionalities to help system administrators deal easier with system implementation and performance optimization. There are also new connections to data sources, as well as new prebuilt dashboards and vertical solutions available to users in Tableau Exchange.


If you want to learn more about Tableau and find out how the system can completely change the way you use data in your business, write to us and we will contact you!

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