Bulgarian Payroll for Dynamics 365 Business Central from Team VISION Bulgaria

BG Payroll for Business Central ERP

We are proud to announce that our application Bulgarian Payroll for the leading ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is now available to the Bulgarian business in the partner app platform Microsoft AppSource.

Team VISION Bulgaria’s Payroll for Business Central app is the first Bulgarian application in AppSource to focus entirely on the human resource management, calculation of remuneration, taxes and social security calculations and all things related to Payroll management. BG Payroll automates and significantly facilitates the management of all those processes while applying all requirements of Bulgarian labor legislation and good practices in that field.

Flexible and easy for customization, the application can be adapted to the specific requirements of every business and even allows for applying different calculations towards different groups of employees, predefined by various criteria.

Bulgarian Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is successfully used by many of our customers for the management of their Payroll processes, like:

  • Calculation of monthly remunerations and all applicable bonuses based on various bonus schemes
  • Calculation of all required taxes and social security payments
  • Preparation of files for registration of contracts, Statement 1, Statement 6, information feed with reports for submitted documents for payment of compensations and Social Security benefits
  • Employees data management and distribution of employees in groups, depending on preset criteria such as contract type, labor category and other
  • Working with shift schedules
  • Automatic accounting of expenses and payments, allocation of expenses according to various analytics, generation of files for transfer of payments in bank format, etc.

The software module fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is closely related to the management of processes such as Accounting and Finance, Production, Sales and others. In this way, the application can serve the specific needs of the business, such as calculating remuneration in piecemeal form of payment or calculating the bonuses of sales teams based on fulfilled targets.

Bulgarian Payroll application is a result of our years of experience with the leading Dynamics 365 Business Central system, as well as the excellent knowledge of the needs of Bulgarian business. The application can be tested completely free of charge on Microsoft AppSource where you can also find our other add-ons, developed to extend the scope and capabilities of the Business Central ERP solution:

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