Webinar “Making data talk”

Как да накараме данните да "говорят" с Tableau

Why join this webinar?

Learn how the business intelligence software Tableau helps you visualize and analyse information from different sources to find the answers you are looking for and take well-informed decisions.

• Learn where to find data regarding your topic of interest
• Find out how to properly structure the data in order to produce great analyses
• See how easy it is to create stunning visualizations which help you see and understand data, find trends and correlations
• Learn how Tableau can help you interact with data – see the information from many different angles and find answers to arising questions

The webinar is suitable for you if you want to learn how to make the most of the information storm around us in order to take well-informed decisions or find answers to hot issues in business or everyday life.

The webinar was held in Bulgarian

If you want to know more about Tableau and how it can help you manage and use the full capacity of your business data, contact us.

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