Tableau joins the Salesforce family

Tableau става част от семейството на Salesforce

Two major players in the world of business management and analytics join forces after it was announced that the BI leader Tableau becomes part of the Salesforce family. The news of the $ 15.7 billion deal was announced on Monday (June 10) and has since become a hot topic in the world of business.

Tableau explained their decision as one driven by a desire to gain further opportunities for development and innovation (which the partnership with Salesforce has to offer), as well as by the similar values, goals and corporate culture of the two companies.

Furthermore, this strategic move will give Tableau the opportunity to continue to fulfill its core mission – to help users see and understand their data – but on a much larger scale. At the same time, Salesforce users will surely benefit from the diverse analytics functionality that the leading BI solution has to offer.

The two companies clarified that once the deal is completed, Tableau will continue to operate as an independent unit under the same brand, developing and supporting its family of analytics solutions and its vast consumer community.

We are eager to see how the partnership with Salesforce will contribute to the development of Tableau and its recognition as a standard in business analytics.

In the meantime, we look forward to demonstrating the diverse capabilities of the solution and its ability to help business leverage data and turn it into a competitive asset. If you want to learn more about Tableau and see it in action, feel free to contact us or subscribe for a free trial.

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