Tableau named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for six years in a row

Tableau is the leading BI 6th year in a row

In February 2018, Gartner released their prestigious professional report evaluating leading-edge software for business analytics across multiple metrics. Among the criteria for assessing the different BI tools are system infrastructure, data management, analysis and visualization, ease of sharing and collaboration, and many others. Top analysts with years of experience in modern analytics platforms and Business Intelligence have been involved in conducting the study and drafting the report.

Tableau leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for 6 years in a row

Tableau’s ease of use and ability to create stunning visual analyses with no coding required are among the reasons why over 86,000 clients rely on the software solution for their day-to-day operations (over 16,100 new customers only in 2017). Tableau offers a convenient self-service platform that enables both individual users and large teams of professionals to perform anything from analyses of a single data source to complex analyses based on big data and large numbers of sources without involving the IT department.

The latest Tableau version – Tableau 10.5 – with its Hyper speed helps users quickly see and understand even large massive of data and enables faster and more accurate decision-making.

Tableau’s leadership position is a result of hard work and inspiration. Over the past year, the company has invested a tremendous amount of human and financial resources in improving the completeness of each visualization. With the new Tableau features, it is easier than ever to spot correlations, exceptions, and clusters, to calculate totals and make databased assumptions without the need of using specific models or algorithms.

Tableau team has worked hard to create a Tableau Server under Linux, which for many organizations means lower costs, greater flexibility and better security. Tableau Server can be installed on premise as a virtual machine or on a physical server, and is also available as a cloud-based platform using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, or Tableau Online – fully managed by Tableau SaaS platform.

Tableau’s persistent drive to better respond to consumer needs stimulates the company to continuously develop and refine its software solution. There are many new and exciting innovations on the horizon that we will be talking about very soon.

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