Webinar “Structure of the vehicle fleet in Bulgaria – Tableau analysis”

Изследване структурата на автомобилния парк в България с Tableau

Join our webinar to learn how, with the help of the leading business intelligence solution Tableau, we managed to systematize the information for the registered vehicles published by the Ministry of internal affairs and to build the overall picture of the vehicle fleet in Bulgaria by age, brand and fuel type.

During the webinar we will demonstrate how you can easily transform big volumes of different in type data into useful visualizations, which allow you to:

  • Conduct in-depth analyses and take well informed decisions;
  • Identify trends and correlations at a glance;
  • Find answers to your questions and promising opportunities for the development of your business;
  • Find “inaccuracies” in your data.

Why take part in this webinar?

The webinar is intended to all who wish to know how to wield the power of big data and successfully apply it in their sphere of business.

We would like to demonstrate the power of Tableau to all sectors, which rely on data regarding the vehicle fleet in Bulgaria – from importers and distributors of new and used cars and spare parts through insurers to analysts of causes of air pollution and road mortality rates.

The webinar was held in Bulgarian.


If you want to know more about Tableau and how it can help you manage and use the full capacity of your business data, contact us.

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