Tableau 10.3 makes business analyses faster, more interactive and intelligent

Tableau makes business analytics easier and faster

The new version of the leading business intelligent software Tableau made its debut in the beginning of June. As always, Tableau’s team has pledged to achieve even better and easier user interaction with their product – something that has always been a distinctive feature of Tableau over competing business intelligence solutions.

Intelligent data-driven alerts; better visualizations; hybrid connectivity and adding of connectors for new and diverse data sources are just a fragment of the innovations in Tableau 10.3.

Data-driven alerts safe precious time

Data is constantly changing but few users have the time and resources to constantly monitor these daily fluctuations. To save time while allow users to be always up-to-date with the business critical information, Tableau 10.3 offers intelligent e-mail alerts, triggered by pre-set criteria. The alerts not only notify users of occurring changes in their business but also allow them to immediately take actions.

Machine learning algorithms recommend the most appropriate data to achieve faster analyses and reduce mistakes

tableau 10.3 new featuresTableau 10.3 makes another step towards transforming the software from a solution for data visualization into a virtual advisor in the realm of analyses. For example, based on the identified models of interactions with company data, Tableau 10.3 can recommend the most popular or most suitable data for the analyses you are conducting.

This is a priceless addition to the business intelligence software especially for users, which are not experienced in the field of business analyses and use Tableau in their day-to-day job. The new functionality helps them properly select and combine data as well as prevents misinterpretation of data caused by inappropriate joins.

Interactive visualizations provide better interactions with data

The new 10.3 version continues to stand up to Tableau’s motto: We help people see and understand data. The added Tooltip selection functionality helps to identify data connections and dependencies even more quickly and conduct in-depth visual analyses. The functionality allows users to select an important metric and view all similar or related parameters in their data. This gives them a complete view of their information and helps them identify threats or opportunities for their business.

Interactive visualizations with Tableau

New data sources and hybrid connectivity

Tableau keeps expanding the number of data sources it easily connects. The new Tableau 10.3 adds six more sources including Amazon Athena, ServiceNow, MongoDB, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive.
The cloud version of Tableau – Tableau Online is also significantly upgraded. Through the addition of Tableau Bridge, the users can now work directly from the cloud with data situated on their server.

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