Team VISION Bulgaria presented the capabilities of the BI solutions during the annual Logistic Business Conference

Tableau for logistic companies

On the 25th October 2018 during the sixth annual Logistic Business Conference in Sofia Team VISION Bulgaria presented the capabilities of modern BI solutions and their role in today’s dynamic business environment. Our BI expert Valentina Protopopova shared with the participating representatives of leading Bulgarian and international companies the importance of business being able to quickly and precisely interpret data and turn it into data-driven operative and strategic decisions.

The main focus was put on modern self-service analytics solutions such as Tableau and their ability to bring people closer to data and provide a fast and convenient way for every person in the organization to create interactive visualizations and analyses on a daily basis. Self-service BI tools make interacting with data much faster, take reporting out of the hands of IT and place it in the hands of the business users and overall create a data-driven business culture in the organization.

Valentina Protopopova also accented on the role of data as an instrument for achieving competitive edge and pointed out all the benefits for the business such as improving the quality of decision-making, quickly identifying market opportunities and acting on them, improving efficiency, cutting down costs and many more.

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