Tableau 2018.3 already available to users

Tableau 2018.3 is available to users

Tableau has proven once again that it is one of the fastest-developing BI solutions on the market today. The company’s heavy investments in R&D leads to constantly upgrading functionalities allowing users to turn information into actionable data even faster.

The new Tableau 2018.3 which was presented days ago is another step in that direction. In it developers have put even greater emphasis on security, speed and ease of navigation in the solution. Taking into account the needs and desires of users, a number of impressive features have been added to the solution, including new types of visualizations, predefined actions with groups of data, easier navigation between different dashboards, and more.



This powerful new mark type allows users to turn millions of marks into a meaningful representation of your data with just one click. Thus they can easily analyze concentrations of points, and identify patterns in seconds—whether on a map or scatterplot.


Faster and easier navigation between dashboards

Dashboards are a powerful tool for creating a complete picture of data and being able to dig deeper and find trends and correlations. Now Tableau 2018.3 adds seamless navigation between dashboards with the new dashboard button – a drag-and-drop button that allows users to switch between dashboards with ease.


Stunning visualizations

In addition to functionality and speed, the new version pays considerable attention to the design. The introduction of transparent worksheet background allows for the creation of impressive visualizations in which data and design combine in a way that would have the greatest impact on data users. In addition, Tableau Server and Online now allow users to see what visualizations will look like on different mobile devices directly in their browser. This saves time and ensures always impressive results.

Tableau 2018.3 adds fully transparent worksheet dackgrounds


These are just some of the new features of Tableau 2018.3. The best way to find out all the functionalities the developers have included in it is to test Tableau for free. And for the most enthusiastic users, Tableau provides an opportunity for an early look at the beta version of Tableau 2019.1, which will be live early next year.

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