The power of Tableau in favor of the Bulgarian scientific community

Tableau helps Bulgarian scientific community

Bulgarian National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography published in its latest issue of the Bulgarian geophysics journal the first article prepared entirely using the business intelligence software Tableau, provided by Team VISION Bulgaria.

Using the power of Tableau, the authors, among them our colleague Valentina Protopopova PhD, managed to summarize information regarding over 1600 earthquakes that occurred on the territory of Bulgaria and the Balkan peninsula during 2014. The information includes multiple characteristics of the events including coordinates of the epicenter, magnitude and depth.

Tableau’s capabilities give the users the freedom and comfort to not only quickly process big amounts of data but also to simultaneously visualize multiple criteria thus discovering trends and correlations.

The detailed map of the earthquake profile of the Balkans during 2014, powered by Tableau, shows a complete and clear picture of the regions with the greatest seismic activity and allows for detailed analysis. This use of the Tableau software is yet another evidence of its universal applicability for processing and visualization of date of any kind.

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