Team VISION Bulgaria reports an increasing demand for CRM systems

CRM solutions

According to Team VISION Bulgaria, the interest towards the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems has significantly increased since the beginning of the year.

The changes in consumer behavior and the need to fully customize the communication with potential and current users, vendors and contractors are some of the main reasons behind the increased demand for CRM solutions.

Leading CRM solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, greatly enhance the efficiency of not only the sales teams, but also of all other divisions insight the company. Being part of the Microsoft business management ecosystem (in which the company heavily invests time and resources in recent years), Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates successfully and with minimal effort with many other products and services, including Office 365, SharePoint, Power BI, ERP systems, Web sites, Machine Learning Systems, and Artificial Intelligence. This elevates communication and customer service to a new, much higher level, while providing companies with tools to successfully analyze the customer behavior and provide even better products and services.

Another reason for the increased interest in CRM is also the increased accessibility to the CRM solutions provided by the cloud technologies. The significantly lower initial investments required for the deployment and use of the “cloud” CRM systems makes it possible for a much wider range of companies to take advantage of their capabilities.

“There is a growing demand for such software solutions from smaller companies. They are fast to realize that a better customer relationship management is no longer a luxury but a necessity in order to stay in business and provide better client service before, during and after the sale, and manage their relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and other contractors alike”, says Alexander Hadjidimitrov, Head of Consultants at Team VISION Bulgaria.

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