Tableau with new flexible licenses

Tableau with new flexible licensing

The new licensing policy of the leading BI software Tableau reflects the company’s desire to offer its customers maximum control, flexibility and ease of use as well as to answer the market demands. The entirely new subscription pricing offers the Tableau users the freedom and flexibility to acquire and use the software according to their dynamically changing needs.


Perpetual vs. subscription licenses

The introduction of the subscription pricing option means that, in addition to the existing perpetual Tableau licenses, users will now also be able to purchase the licenses for a specified period of time (1 year), and after that choose whether to renew or terminate them. The new pricing model lowers the cost of entry. Instead of paying the full cost of a perpetual license up-front, users can now only pay for their first year commitment.

The lower subscription prices will facilitate and stimulate the access of broader range of businesses to the capabilities of the business analytics software, while allowing companies to flexibly plan their costs in relation to the number of licenses they need.


Lower cost of entry for acquiring the Tableau Server

Another major advantage is related to Tableau Server – the Tableau product that allows for a safe and protected environment for creating and sharing of reports, visualizations and analyses throughout the whole organization.

Up until recently, companies had to acquire a pack of at least 10 server licenses in order to start using the Tableau Server. Now this requirement has been cut by half to only 5 licenses. This reduces drastically the cost of entry, allows for a significant cost optimization and gives even smaller companies access to the full capabilities of the BI solution.

As an example, until recently a company had to invest 12 000 USD to start using Tableau Server (a staring pack of 10 server licenses and 1 Tableau Desktop license). Now with the new subscription licensing the initial investment is up to 4 times lower – a total of 2 940 USD for a starting pack of 5 Tableau Server licenses plus 1 Tableau Desktop license.

If you want to learn more about Tableau or see a demonstration of its capabilities, contact us now. Our certified professionals will help you look at your company data in a new way.

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