VSK Kentavar – IZ Dinamika EOOD

By using the leading ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV, VSK Kentavar – IZ Dinamika has significantly increased production efficiency, accuracy of order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

ВСК Кентавър – ИЗ Динамика ЕООД

ВСК Кентавър е производител на широка гама прецизни инструменти за металообработване и екипировка за машини с ЦПУ. Производственото ноу-хау на компанията обхваща ЦПУ струговане, пробиване и фрезоване, плоско шлифоване, външно и вътрешно кръгло шлифоване, балансиране, лазерно маркиране, заточване на инструменти, повърхностна и термообработка.

VSK Kentavar – IZ Dinamika’s production is well-known throughout the metalworking companies in Bulgaria and worldwide. The variety of metalworking tools and equipment they produce makes the company extremely flexible and committed to every customer’s demand.

Kentavar offers turnkey solutions for the production processes at a number of Bulgarian and international companies from the machine building, power supply, metallurgy, chemical, military industries. The company exports over 90 % of their production to EU countries and USA. Kentavar is a major production partner to some of the biggest global suppliers of precision tools, tool and machine components such as Kennametal and NOGA Israel.

Since 2013 VSK Kentavar-IZ Dinamika manages the company processes, capacity planning and optimization via Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  The solution fully covers the company’s production processes, sales and marketing, supplies and logistics, financial operations and management.

Some of the reasons which led to the decision of implementing an ERP solution:

  • The use of many different systems in different company departments
  • Order based production of unique products
  • Need to closely monitor the timespan of every operation in the production processes and necessity to be able to do that from the work stations where the operation is actually happening without diverting or terminating the workflow

Scope of the project:

The standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality is further expanded with additional modules for monthly close and calculation of full production cost, including distribution of indirect production expenses and the cost of the scrapped items. Team VISION Bulgaria also developed and implemented a pricing module which allows offers to be generated directly from the system.

The actual benefits for VSK Kentavar:

  • Speed and accuracy in forming the full production costs
  • Reduction of expensive production tools stocked in the warehouse
  • Increase in the production effectivity due to better quality control and the ability to generate flexible reports and analyses in real time