Team VISION Bulgaria presented the concept of digital transformation of the business

Digital transformation of business

Team VISION Bulgaria took part in „#NetProject: Digital transformation for the business“ seminar, which was held on 29th March in the Prof. Asen Zlatarov University in Bourgas. The seminar was hosted by the ERP Academy.

Our colleague Anastas Shopov, Business Consulting Manager, introduced the audience with the rapidly growing state of the business digitization and the many aspects in which it can benefit the business – optimization of the business processes, improvement of the customer experience and achieving sustainable business development. Anastas payed special attention to the ERP and CRM systems as a catalyst of the digital transformation.

The audience was especially impressed by the benefits of the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for the business. These new technologies have enormous potential in the field of building precise forecasts with very high rate of probability and taking well-informed decisions, which can result in finding new horizons for business growth.

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