Tableau: What’s new

Modern business runs on Data and Tableau has what it takes to elevate your Data journey

In a world where Data is business’ new fuel, being able to use its full potential in the right moment can bring significant benefits and give organizations a strong competitive edge. To meet organizations’ growing needs, Tableau – the recognized Leader in the field of BI and analytics – constantly expands its functionalities, which help users fully utilize the power of Data.

Join us to learn more about some of the most exciting and helpful features recently added to Tableau.

  • Learn what is new in Tableau
  • See the latest features in action and get inspired of how you can use them in your Data journey
  • See for yourself what makes Tableau the Leader in the BI segment

Who is this webinar for?

If you are already using Tableau or looking for a solution to make data analysis in your organization much faster, easier and more interactive, don’t miss this webinar.

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If you would like to know more about Tableau and how it can change the way you use data in you organization, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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About the Lecturer:

Antonina Georgieva

Antonina is a business consultant with experience both in the field of business management solutions and in the field of Business Intelligence software. Transforming diverse information from a variety of sources into well-structured visualizations and analyzes that help businesses make optimal decisions is her passion. As a lecturer in our Practical trainings in working with Tableau, she has helped many business users learn how to use the full potential of their company data.