Viand AD

Viand achieves even greater operational efficiency with the help of ERP solution implemented and maintained by Team VISION Bulgaria.

Вианд АД

Вианд АД постига още по-висока ефективност на работа благодарение на внедрената от Тим ВИЖЪН България система за управление на бизнеса.

Viand AD is a leading manufacturer of high quality compound feed for all types of animals, birds and fish. The company operates in the Bulgarian market as well as in Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine and others.

Viand was established in 1992 as a family company. In 1993 the family company became a joint-venture partner with the multinational company Provimi, based in the Netherlands, which is the world market leader for animal, poultry, and fish feed. In 2010 the Bulgarian shareholders repurchased Provimi’s shares in the company making it once again a family company.

Today the company operates five feed plants with total production capacity exceeding 400,000 tons. It owns silo storage facilities with a capacity of 50,000 tons. Further, Viand has over 160 employees nationally and internationally.

Scope of the project for implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The implemented ERP solution covers the processes connected with management of finances, purchases, sales, monthly close and distribution of the indirect production costs as well as integration with the production management system.

The direct benefits for Viand from the ERP implementation include:

  • Single business management solution integrated with the production management system
  • Ability for taking adequate and timely decisions based on information of production expenses and full production cost
  • Planning of supplies based on the actual needs of material for production
  • More effective employees who are able to focus on their immediate tasks and leave everything else to Microsoft Dynamics NAV