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Control every aspect of your business at any time and always take well-informed decisions based on reliable information
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV – the ERP solution your business needs

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the predecessor to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – one of the leading ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions, trusted by over 160 000 companies worldwide.

The business management solution helps you optimize your costs, gives your employees the chance to be more productive and improves your profits and revenue. Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Business Central) combines information from every point of your company and allows you to analyze it and be able to make better decisions.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Business Central) is the better way to do business

Your business is constantly changing and growing fast. The market conditions are dynamic and uncertain. In order to catch the wave, you need to be even faster, more flexible and competitive. Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you full control over your business and the power to excel in the competitive game.

Complete view of your business

Manage all your business processes in a single solution

Single source of truth

Avoid multiple entries of information. Every data input immediately reflects in every module of the system, thus reducing the chance of errors

Ease of Use

The simple, familiar and intuitive interface helps your team start doing their job faster and smarter from the very beginning. No need of long and exhausting trainings

Integrated with the whole Microsoft universe

Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrates with all familiar office applications your team already uses in their day-to-day work

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Business Central) helps you manage every aspect of your business

Financial Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides the company management with all the necessary financial information they need in order to make informed decisions. The resource planning software provides real-time access to the financial records as well as powerful analytic instruments. NAV makes it fast and easy to conduct daily monthly and yearly reports, based on accounting data.

The ERP solution helps you effectively perform all accounting transactions, track payables, receivables, stock inventory, fixed assets and bank payments. You can work with different currencies, offices, entities or companies.

Supply Chain Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you organize the sales and purchases process as well as the whole cycle of packaging and expediting in order to meet the specific needs of your clients and stay one-step ahead of the competition. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you improve customer satisfaction and gain loyalty as well as improve inventory management, order processing and demand planning.

Logistics and Distribution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides updated information in real time, which helps plan and maintain an optimal level of stocks of materials, goods and finished products. The ERP software also facilitates and optimizes production processes, applications and distribution. The system automatically creates proposals for production based on actual and forecast demands in certain periods. Quickly and easily, these proposals can be turned into actual orders.

Human Resource Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you manage your company’s most valuable resource by providing tools for organizing and processing your employee’s data. The ERP system provides a number of reports, which help monitor the state of your human capital, manage employee files, track absences and much more.

Project Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you plan and manage resources, tasks and projects, prepare budgets and invoices. You can effectively track and manage the project expenses as well as perform capacity planning and forecasting. The data you obtain helps you take well informed decisions.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you expand the operational effectiveness and manage the production requirements including orders, material lists, material supplies and capacity planning. The flexible processes and the integrated information allows you to take precise commitments towards customers, swiftly respond to last minute changes and requests and seize new opportunities in order to overtake the competition.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports manufacturing specifications and routes, as well as different versions of products. The additional functionalities developed by Team VISION Bulgaria facilitate the forming of indirect costs of production. In addition, the system is cable of planning the production process based on information and demand forecasts as well as the time needed for execution of production load on different machines and work centers.

Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables effective management of all service and maintenance activities your company has to offer to customers. You have full control over warranty and post warranty maintenance, contracts for service activities, planning and implementation of service activities, scheduling of maintenance, management of orders for servicing, items in stock and prices. It is all integrated into a single system in which the information is always accurate and up to date.

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