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Visual Scheduling Suite for Graphical planning fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

NETRONIC Visual Scheduling Suite offers a visual scheduling frontend to the manufacturing, jobs, resource planning and service modules in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Powerful interactive Gantt chart technology keeps users in control of their schedules by enabling a bidirectional communication between the NAV data and the visual schedules.

Imagine the ability to make drag a drop changes to a visual schedule that is always in tune with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. Imagine the possibilities.


Netronic visual scheduler for production planning in Dynamics NAV

The Visual Production Scheduler (VPS) is an add-in which closely integrates with the NAV manufacturing module. It visualizes the results of the NAV MRP engine and allows users to quickly make intelligent changes to the schedule just by using drag-and-drop. The VPS helps schedule production orders, production order lines, and operations thus enabling better management of capacities and delivery time commitments. 

The Visual Production Scheduler provides:

  • Four unique views focusing on: production order status, work and machine centers, capacity utilization, and bill-of-material (BOM) per production order.
  • See production orders, due dates, resource workloads and bottlenecks at one glance. All graphs are interactive, so that you can take corrective actions with simple mouse clicks immediately.
  • This transparency yields operational agility: capacities are better used, and delivery deadline commitments will be stronger.
  • The best part: your staff does not need extensive training for using the Visual Production Scheduler, and you do not need to invest into data quality. It is completely intuitive.
  • As a result, you can start immediately after setting up the program.


You get an easy-to-process overview of your production which enables you to easily keep your production orders, routings, dependencies, due dates, resource workloads and bottlenecks under control.

With NETRONIC VPS you achieve full transparency and operational agility which enable Dynamics NAV users to quickly react when thing go unplanned. As result, capacities are better utilized, delivery time commitments are stronger and customer satisfaction increases

The easy to use interface is fully integrated with MS Dynamics NAV standard functionality and allows you to start using the solution immediately.

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