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ERP Solution for Logistics


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LogiQstar - flexible solution for logistics

LogiQstar a solution that automates the complex business processes of logistics companies, specializing in international freight forwarding and cargo handling. It is developed by the Belgian company Xolyd, whose founders are four professionals with 25 years of international experience in the development and implementation of financial and logistic systems.


LogiQstar a solution based on the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV and offers a set of standard modules, flexible enough to adapt to both customer requirements and local legislation.


LogiQstar provides functionality for handling shipments by all means of transport: sea, air, road, plus much more:

  • Unified financial-accounting system
  • Integrated processes with predefined tasks, covering the work of all employees
  • Intelligent task management and tracking status of employees
  • Automatic billing of internal invoices between companies in the international freight forwarding
  • Management and control of the supply and sale prices
  • Automated freight offers based on standard or input tariff
  • Setting templates to generate documents related to the freight forwarding and cargo handling



How can LogiQstar help you organize your transport?


Multimodal transport – sea, air, road

From loading the shipment at the customer site or warehouse, through every means of transportation, to the final delivery to the recipient – all these services are defined as tasks in the integrated processes of LogiQstar. At the same time, you save valuable time by eliminating double counting of the same data and routes. Directly from the process you can assign a task to the transport to deliver the shipment by truck and then continue to process the client's request.


Sea transport

With LogiQstar you can manage in the same way the transportation process of LCL or FCL containers, of whole or bulk cargo, of groupage or heavy loads. After the initial setup of the steps, the solution will guide you through the process. You can also generate the necessary documents with it.

The organization of sea transport is a complex task, involving many people. With LogiQstar you can split tasks between departments, or instruct the transport department to transport the container with a truck.


Air transport

For this type of transport, the quick response and transportation are essential. You cannot overlook anything, let alone forget it. Everything has to be organized in the fastest way. With LogiQstar you have the necessary tools to perform this task. Using a predefined process, you can manage the transportation stages no matter how complex they are.

From the offer for transport planning, to its execution, preparation of supporting documents and billing, LogiQstar gives you a complete view of every customer request.


Road transport

This type of transport requests can be operated as independent tasks or as part of a sea or air combined transportation. LogiQstar offers all possible options for planning and execution, as well as for the groupage organization.

With LogiQstar you can quickly and easily organize requests for road transport with subcontractors and send a request for transportation with the cargo description, destinations, addresses for loading and unloading, etc.


If you would like to know more about LogiQstar, visit the official page of the solution.

Manage logistics, freight forwarding and cargo transport with integrated processes (order flows)

  • Tasks allocation between employees from different departments
  • Facilitate the work of employees – they will see only their tasks and concentrate on what they need to do
  • Full traceability and transparency of tasks
  • Planning, organizing and performance tracking of transport requests – from offer to invoice
  • Organization of groupage and different types of transport within one transport order
  • Sending requests to transport subcontractors
  • Notifications for delay in tasks execution
  • Flexible process (order flows) setup according to the specifics of every company

Integrated CRM functionality

  • Contact management
  • Profiling and segmentation 
  • Tasks planning
  • Automated and fast preparation of transport offers using standard tariffs for different types of transport 
  • Management and control over contract execution
  • Integration with MS Office 
  • Setup of document templates and mail merge

Document management

  • Transport offers preparation
  • Contracts preparation
  • Setup of document templates for all additional transport documents directly from the system

Integrated tariff functionality

  • Management of sales and delivery tariffs
  • Standard tariffs for different destinations 
  • Automatic cost calculation based on the destination, size, weight, etc. 
  • One pricelist – no more multiple Excel files and manual calculations 
  • Importing tariffs from Excel if needed

Integrated finances

  • Customer invoicing with automatic posting of G/L transactions in the Finances module
  • Tracking of customer payments

Logistics management

  • Organization and management of warehousing
  • Tracking change of ownership of goods
  • Monitor storage of goods under customs control 
  • Automatic creation of recurring invoices – e.g. warehouse rent

Container transport management

  • Organized sea transport – standard containers, LCL or FCL containers, eco containers, etc. 
  • Organization of road transport – whole container or groupage 
  • Monitoring of container handling at the port upon arrival and domestic distribution
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