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ClickDimensions Marketing for Microsoft Dynamics 365


ClickDimensions is the leading marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.


With its native integration with Dynamics 365, the solution not only eliminates the need for syncing systems, but also delivers unparalleled access to CRM data for better segmentation, hyper-personalization and marketing success.


ClickDimensions includes essential marketing tools like email marketing, campaign automation, web intelligence, surveys, web forms, social marketing and more to help Dynamics 365 users attract more leads, close more sales and more effectively engage customers.



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Email Marketing

ClickDimensions’ built-in email marketing capability helps users create and send more successful mailing campaigns that help provoke recipients' interest towards your products and services and generate sales. The easy-to-use editors make creating outstanding and highly efficient emails simple for everyone.


  • Get use of the information in your CRM to send dynamic content tailored to the recipients' personal characteristics and interests
  • Create and edit mail templates and newsletters with just a few clicks
  • Run Split (A / B) testing to determine which mailing strategy delivers best results
  • Use simple drag-and-drop to create and run surveys and receive the results directly in the CRM profiles of the respondents

Automated Campaigns

ClickDimensions enables marketers to create interactive automations based on prospects’ or users’ behaviors. Send targeted emails to prospects in order to drive sales or generate interest in your product, and notify sales when a customer or lead shows interest through their interactions with your marketing messages.

  • Create dynamic customized experience based on each customer's interactions with your messaging
  • Time your communications and track prospects as they proceed through your automation
  • With simple drag-and-drop create automated campaigns to nurture prospects and help turn them into customers

Web Forms and Landing Pages

ClickDimensions enables you to create web forms and landing pages, which help capture quality leads and collect valuable information, no HTML skills required. The native integration with Dynamics NAV allows you to track all incoming leads and page visitors directly inside a campaign record in your CRM solution. All data from the forms automatically enters Dynamics 365, saving you time and helping you avoid duplications and errors.

Web Intelligence

With ClickDimensions, you can easily discover who is interested in your products and services through web tracking. You will see the actual web activity of anonymous and identified visitors on your website within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Provide your sales team with useful insights of prospects' actions and interests and help them prepare to make a lasting impression on first contact
  • Combine website traffic information with form data to identify prospects and discover their interests in your products and services
  • Quickly and easily determine prospective leads and help sales people better focus their efforts

Social Marketing

ClickDimensions provides useful tools to help you connect your marketing activities with popular social channels.

  • Discover and interact with clients and prospects in social media directly from Dynamics 365
  • Post to social without leaving your CRM solution
  • Manage your social profiles and activities from a single place
  • Add social data to your leads and contacts profiles in the CRM
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