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These additionally developed functionalities are part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and expand the system to cover specific business processes.

Team VISION Bulgaria develops and implements the following add-ons:

  • Bulgarian functionality
  • Extended Bulgarian functionality
  • Payroll
  • Accruals

Bulgarian Functionality

The Bulgarian Functionality module incorporates different legislation requirements into the standard VAT and INTRASTAT functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

  • Specific VAT Sales documents – Debit memo (for increasing the base of a specific deal) and Sales Protocol (for sales without issuing an invoice)
  • Specific VAT documents for VAT processing for intercommunity deals and services in EU – VAT Protocol. This VAT protocol is used for VAT calculation purposes
  • VAT Purchase Ledgers – includes all purchase documents for the respective month
  • VAT Sales Ledgers – includes all sales documents for the respective month
  • VAT Monthly Declaration – a summary report for the purchase and sales VAT operations for the respective month
  • VIES Declaration – a summary report for the VAT operations with companies in EU for the respective month
  • Specific functionality for VAT processing according to the Bulgarian legislation
  • INTRASTAT receipt report – includes all received goods from companies in EU for the respective month
  • INTRASTAT shipment report –  includes all shipped goods to companies in EU for the respective month
  • Specific functionality for INTRASTAT processing according to the Bulgarian legislation
  • Identification № functionality – for entering customers and vendors' data entry with validity check

Extended Bulgarian Functionality

The Extended Bulgarian Functionality module incorporates different operations and processes regarded as good accounting practice in Bulgaria, but not required by the Bulgarian accounting legislation. This functionality includes features for making the product more flexible and more attractive to Bulgarian companies.

  • Balance Accounts – Every G/L Entry must have a G/L Balance Account
  • General Acc. Ledger – shows information for the G/L Accounts, in regard to the G/L Accounts that have been Balance Accounts for this G/L Account
  • Account Chronological Journal – shows all entries in a period for a G/L Account
  • Trial Balance Register – specific G/L report with information for opening balances, debit and credit turnover and closing balances for each G/L account
  • Verbalizing Amounts in Documents – special routines for translating numbers to words in Sales documents
  • Reverse and Copy Registers – used for reversing and copying registers – creates entries in the General Journal or Item Journal, which are opposite or equal to the given Register
  • Cash Orders – used for printing Cash Receipt Orders and Cash Payment Orders
  • Bank Orders – used for printing Bank Orders for counterparts and for the state budget
  • Export Account Schedules to Excel – this functionality is used to export Account Schedule Overview in Excel. It facilitates customers in creating diagrams and graphics, using accounting data
  • Dimensions Detail Report – this report is identical with the original report with the same name, but there is additional information for balancing accounts to each transaction
  • FA Inventory Ledger Report – specific report with the respective information for each Fixed asset.


The Payroll module applies to the process of calculating the monthly salary in the company – creating documents required by the Bulgarian legislation and export of documents and reports in Word and Excel.

  • Calculation of salaries and bonuses
  • Work with shift schedules
  • Calculation of taxes and social insurance
  • Distribution of employees in groups, depending on the contract type, labor category and others
  • Accounting for insurance payments, voluntary insurance, loans, liens, donations and others
  • Automatic cost and payments accounting directly or in the accounting module
  • Preparing files for transfer of payments in bank format
  • Preparing reports in Excel
  • Allocation of staff and costs by dimensions
  • Preparing files for registration of contracts, Statement 1, Statement 6, information feed with reports for submitted documents for payment of compensations and Social Security benefits


The Accruals module includes functionality, which allows easy and quick allocation of incomes and expenses at the moment of their occurrence. This eliminates the necessity of monthly calculation of these incomes and expenses, and their future recognition.

The functionality can be accessed from sale or purchase document (i.e. annual subscription invoices), or from general journals (i.e. local taxes).

Although developed for accrual purposes, the functionality allows posting incomes and expenses for past periods, when the corresponding document is issued in the current period.

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