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Trade and Distribution

NAV4Goods is a specialized vertical solution for management of companies in the trade and distribution business, based on the leading ERP software Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Team VISION Bulgaria’s years of experience in that business segment.

Nowadays the management of companies in the trade and distribution sector face constantly growing challenges. The sector is rapidly expanding, the market fluctuations occur daily, new competitors and technologies emerge constantly and the consumer demands are changing at the speed of thought.

To stay ahead of the competition your business needs to be more flexible and effective

As a trade and distribution company, you know that the successful management of such company needs more than just willingness. It requires careful control of stocks, clean order processes, efficient warehouse operations and quality customer service. You have to optimize daily operations to be most effective and at the same time to minimize administrative costs. In addition, there is also the necessity to control rising costs and shrinking margins.

Choose an ERP solution designed specifically for needs of the trade and distribution companies

Team VISION Bulgaria has years of experience in implementing ERP solutions in companies from the trade and distribution sector. We know your business challenges and have the knowledge and experience to help you overcome them.

Our specialized ERP solution for trade and distribution companies combines the advantages of the leading ERP software Microsoft Dynamics NAV with our long-term experience in the sector and our additionally developed functionality for automation of specific processes in the distribution business.

Why choose NAV4Goods?

•  Optimize your stocks and ensure shortest possible delivery times
•  Optimize the processes of packaging and expedition of goods
•  Effectively manage the execution of orders and customer services
•  Plan your deliveries
•  Automate your warehouse activities through integration with barcode devices
•  Optimize your cash flows and receivables
•  Analyse the sales and profits
•  Ability to easy integrate your system with the business software of your clients and suppliers
•  Ability to develop a self-service customer portal

As a result, you will be able to respond more swiftly and flexibly to market changes, spot and seize opportunities and counteract to your competitor’s actions. NAV4Goods will help you improve the quality of your services and make your company a more profitable one.

"Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps us do our job better and more adequate."

Nadia Pesheva, Zonal sales manager Sofia in Devin SC

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