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Team VISION Bulgaria launched the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in coBuilder


Team VISION Bulgaria launched a major implementation project of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the international software company coBuilder simultaneously in Bulgaria, Norway and the UK. CoBuilder is a leading company providing innovative software solutions for the construction industry.

The company’s rapid expansion in various countries and the growing number of clients and products led to the decision to adopt a centralized management system in order to automate and optimize its business processes and gather its corporate data in a single system.

CoBuilder’s choice fell on the internationally renowned ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Team VISION Bulgaria was chosen based on its well-deserved reputation of being an efficient implementer capable of providing software solutions fully compliant with the specifics of the client’s business processes.

Team VISION Bulgaria is to implement in coBuilder a specially developed functionality allowing for automated pricing based on turnover and number of documents and the management of relations with customers and suppliers is to be achieved with a full integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with a pre-existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM software. A localized version of the ERP software fully compliant with the local legislation is to be implemented in all three countries where the Bulgarian localization was fully developed by Team VISION Bulgaria.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV will allow coBuilder to increase its overall efficiency and thus will contribute to an even more intensive development and strenghtening of the company’s leading market position.