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Our team consists of talented professionals with a passion for quality and a vision of how successful business should work in the modern world.


Innovation and qualifications are our main priorities. Continuous trainings ensure that we are always on top of new technologies, and our numerous certifications from Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SQL Server, system administration, and many more guarantee our level of experience and expertise.


We make no compromises with the quality of our work! Our satisfied customers are the best recommendation for our professionalism, enthusiasm and complete dedication to each project.

Paraskev Bentchev

Over 20 years of developer experience in design and implementation of business management systems. Paraskev also takes part in project analysis, design and audit. He’s expert in solving “extremely complex problems”. His professional interests include business analysis systems and design of a simple and elegant solutions.
In his spare time he likes to play sports and have fun with his family and friends.

Rosen Karaivanov

Over 18 years of experience in design and implementation of business management systems. He has been General Manager for 13 years and currently focuses on MS Dynamics NAV and its compliance and enforcement under international and national accounting standards.
Rosen believes that the most important asset of the company is its employees.

Head of Consultancy Department
Alexander Hadjidimitrov

Over 20 years of experience with business management systems as a developer and consultant. He is the creator and developer of the modules Monthly Closing and Payroll. One of the leading consultants in the process of NAV localization. Professionally interested in management systems, project management and training. When he’s not working, he is usually climbing mountains, skiing or dancing.

Senior Consultant
Tzvetana Todorova

Over 20 years of experience in design, implementation and localization of ERP systems, analysis and business process optimization. Specialises in the design of automated warehouse management systems (WMS) and manufacturing. Interested in designing solutions for manufacture planning and automation, as well as complete solutions for manufacture management.

She writes a blog, likes to dance and play music.


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